Whats ‘Good and Bad’ of Kashmir politics, Explains Sajad Lone



When the NC is in alliance with the BJP and the touristy prince makes a saffron debut by being the first Kashmiri to join the union cabinet led by the BJP—— that is what we call the GOOD BJP. And it is so so good to be the poster boy of the GOOD BJP.

When NC is rebuffed, and not entertained by the BJP——-that is the BAD BJP.


When NC is in alliance with the SHIV SENA- in the NDA from 1999-2002. OR in the current INDIA alliance——That is the GOOD SHIV SENA. And the GOOD SHIV SENA will support NC in the ongoing Parliament elections.

When the NC is not in alliance with the SHIV SENA — it is the BAD SHIV SENA. Which in that case is rabidly communal, original Hindutva and of course the planner and executor in chief of the bloody Mumbai riots where hundreds of Muslims were killed.


All those Kashmiris who vote for the the NC are the GOOD KASHMIRIS.  They are angels who have descended from the skies. As per voting data that is 25% of Kashmiris.

And those Kashmiris who vote against the NC are sellouts, traitors, agents of central agencies and they are stooges of BJP. As per voting data that is 75% of  Kashmiris.


When the NC is in power and thousands of people in Kashmir are booked under PSA and packed to jails — it is the GOOD PSA and a GOOD LAW. And it is the need of the hour and so essential to save Kashmir. And so thankful the NC is to Sheikh Sahib for having the vision to invent a law as draconian as the PSA.  And make no mistakes while in power, no question of repealing the PSA.

When the NC is not in power, people booked under PSA and packed to jails—— it is the BAD PSA. And while the NC is out of power the PSA should be repealed.


When NC was in power and people used to be arrested and subjected to third degree torture— that was GOOD TORTURE. And need of the hour. When the female members meaning sisters or daughters or mothers of the allegedly absconding persons were picked up by the NC regime, as a bargain tactic to make them surrender, that was a part of GOOD TORTURE. That was good strategy. And when NC is not in power, all hell breaks loose and standard policing becomes BAD TORTURE.

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