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Becoming a mother is always a blessing from the Almighty. But in the current era, achieving motherhood is of great importance.  As the estimated infertility number exists at an alarming rate. I hold in me a responsibility to be grateful to my Lord who bestowed me with a healthy and cute issue in form of my baby girl.

What I’m writing isn’t matching with the introduction, so let me come to the context.

From the very first day to this it has a rejuvenating effect on me every time I cuddle, care for, and touch her. I feel aesthetic. I belong to a world where only the love for my baby exists. A strong relationship of guessing, and understanding signs happens to take place. Sometimes at irregular intervals of time, you get up and express your affection. In my case, I wish to listen to her smell (only mothers can understand this.

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A meticulous timetable is formed naturally when I’m busy with home chores and a sudden cry of my baby is out.

My chores come to a halt but the call is more imperative. Situations, when easy or hard. A mother is ought to submit to her baby.

Handling your child in terms of how they rest, and recline comfortably in one’s lap is another aspect of the perfect connection between the two. For me when any of my family members take her in their lap. I start a lecture (a psychological trait..’actually mother’s love’….as she wants perfect caring from all…that isn’t possible).

Who else can concede to the language of crying? I do.

My baby girl has three different cries

  1. Hunger pangs.
  2. When she is hurt physically but accidentally.
  3. Most important one is when I say something in a high tone to her.

These three cries have been learnt in no time and that too since the onset of our journey.

I guess it’s not me only but all mothers there, worth being open about our ways of knowing their child well and just celebrating the motherhood journey.

I have and do flaunt new things, techniques, and a lot more to go on with the same.

[The Author is a Home-maker & can be reached at sumairazayen@gmail.com]

Network KNT

Network Kashmir is sister concern of Kashmir based News Agency Kashmir News Trust. Network KNT is a sincere attempt from budding Journalists of Kashmir to present News in its true form without any favoritism and bias.

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