Coblation technology-assisted Sleep Apnoea Surgeries, bloodless Tonsil & Adenoid removal now available in J&K  


Dr Danish Andrabi, a prominent ENT & Valley’s noted Endoscopic Skull Base Surgeon has acquired the First ‘Werewolf Coblation System’ in Jammu and Kashmir. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new chapter in the use of Coblation technology in ENT surgeries. The new system is a state-of-the-art machine that allows a surgeon to perform surgeries related to Tonsils and Adenoids without any blood loss. The system also benefits patients with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) and Snoring in carrying out surgeries to open up the airway in an effective manner. It also finds application in the Endoscopic removal of Nose and Brain tumors that are approachable from the nasal route. Such surgeries are performed by Endoscopic Skull Base surgeons and give the advantage of not opening the skull, with no external cuts, scars, and stitches.

Dr Danish Andrabi has expertise in performing Endoscopic Skull Base surgeries like removal of Pituitary tumors, CSF Leaks, Meningocele repair, Orbit and optic nerve decompressions, and many advanced procedures that can be done through the nose. He is trained for the same at Bombay Hospital.

Dr Andrabi told the news agency Kashmir News Trust that after shifting to the valley last year, he is in constant quest and motivated to serve the people here with the most advanced technology, for uplifting the ENT services.

He said he wishes that no patient from Kashmir should face the hassle of going outside J&K for any sort of ENT and Skull base related problems.

In an inaugural function cum academic symposium that was held at Sarovar Portico, the ‘Werewolf System’ was unveiled and its application benefits were explained to the ENT fraternity of J&K.

Dr Srinivas Kishore, a world-renowned ENT and Sleep Apnoea surgeon from Hyderabad, enlightened the attendees with an insightful lecture and video presentation of Sleep Apnoea Surgeries. He is the director of AIG Hospitals Hyderabad and runs a high-volume center for treatment of Sleep Apnoea.

Dr Andrabi, as host faculty, also spoke about the use of Plasma technology and its applications in ENT surgeries.

The function was presided over by the most renowned senior ENT fraternity of J&K as well as consultants from various hospitals.

The event was sponsored by Smith And Nephew company, who are the patent holders of Coblation technology.

In the end, the host offered a vote of thanks to the attendees and organizers for making this event a success.

Dr Andrabi appealed to the people of the valley to take advantage of the advanced services right at their doorsteps rather than taking the hassles of traveling outside the state for their healthcare needs. Concluding statements from him were that people must prioritize their health and wellness in present times where high-stress levels and lack of quality lifestyle prevail. [KNT]

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