“Peace, Prosperity, and Partnership: Reflections on the BRICS Culture Media Forum in Grozny , Chechnya Russia “


In the dynamic city of Grozny, Chechnya, Russia. Delegates hailed the Chechen Republic for its remarkable transformation over the past two decades, attributing its peace and prosperity to the visionary leadership exemplified by the friendship between the Head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, and the esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The journey from utter devastation to unprecedented development astounded representatives from all BRICS PLUS delegations.

Indian Bollywood Superstar Suniel Shetty With BCMF Global President Dr Jaan Nissar Lone at BRICS Plus Grozny , Chechnya , Russia
Director Communication BCMF DR SERGEI DVORIANOV & Global President BCMF DR JAAN NISSAR LONE

African country ambassadors graced the event, with a special tribute to the continent through the inauguration of the House of Africa by African ambassadors.

In a warm welcome address, the honorable Mayor of Grozny City Hall underscored the pivotal role of visionary leadership in fostering peace and development, emphasizing the importance of choosing friendship over conflict. He expressed gratitude to the delegates for their belief in Chechnya’s journey and extended a heartfelt invitation to embrace the hospitality and warmth of the Chechen people, including their children, who symbolize the nation’s future.

Renowned figures from diverse fields shared their admiration for Chechnya’s hospitality and expressed eagerness to deepen cultural and economic ties with Russia. A Bollywood superstar praised the cultural connections between India and Russia, pledging to explore filming opportunities in Chechnya, a sentiment echoed by senior Bollywood producer Shabbir Boxwala. UAE-based lifestyle brand Marina Home expressed intentions to expand its presence in Russia, starting with Grozny and extending to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

BCMF Russian Representative Abdulreshid Zalemkhnov with Global President BCMF Dr Jaan Nissar Lone

Enthusiasm for collaboration transcended borders, as representatives envisioned Chechnya as a potential hub for tourism and cultural exchange. From the Kashmir Sheikh Ashiq Board of director(Indian silk export promotion council) & former president Chamber of Commerce and Industries to young leaders Mir Junaid from JKWP founder from Jammu and Kashmir, admiration for Chechnya’s model of development echoed sentiments of hope for their own regions.

Spiritual leaders extolled Chechnya as a beacon of love and peace, attributing its success to the virtues of honesty, loyalty, and collective strength. The BRICS Culture Media Forum received accolades for its impactful initiatives, with recognition extended to its global president, Dr. Jaan Nissar Lone, Russian Representative Abdulreshid Zelimkhanov, and Director of Communication Dr. Sergei Dvorianov for hosting the prestigious event in Grozny.

The Forum culminated in a call for enhanced cooperation among BRICS countries, with proposals spanning cultural, educational, economic, and diplomatic domains. From the re-establishment of the international Russian-Islamic Fund to the creation of a BRICS international media center and educational campuses, the initiatives underscored a commitment to fostering mutual understanding and collaboration on a global scale.

As delegates bid farewell to Grozny, they left with a renewed sense of optimism and determination to translate discussions into tangible actions, paving the way for a future characterized by peace, prosperity, and mutual respect.

In addition, a peace anthem titled “Mystic Way The Only Way” was released during the forum, composed by Jaan Nissar Lone and sung by Jaan Nissar Lone & Daria Startseva, with the aim of promoting peace and prosperity worldwide. The accompanying video showcased representatives from various faiths coming together to safeguard Mother Earth. This initiative was spearheaded by Deputy Mayor and Russian Representative of BCMF, Honourable Abdulreshid Zalemkhanov. The delegation from all BRICS Plus countries at the BRICS Culture Media Forum expressed their admiration for the peace anthem and praised its message of unity and cooperation.

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