Instead of clarifying, Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth tries to scare netizens

Physics Wallah Private Limited that is an Indian multinational educational technology company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and running a branch in Kashmir capital Srinagar has found a noval method to cow down the people who question their credibility.

A couple of days back, a video related to this institution located at Barzullah Srinagar was viral in which a teacher was allegedly showing clips from Bollywood movie ‘Rabita’ to students both males and females.

Netizens started asking and wondering how come a teacher or the institute where students take admission to learn Science can show obscene clips to students.

Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth was virtually disgraced when the teacher in question claimed that the clip was made viral by the management of Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth itself to defame him after he left the institute.

The tainted teacher has joined another institute ‘Unacademy’ and if reports are to be believed the said teacher has been fired by the ‘Unacademy’ too.

The startling claims made by the teacher then teaching at Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth shocked everyone, particularly parents. The teacher said: “Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth management used to tell them to entertain students and the Teachers Day in the institute was celebrated as ‘Music Day, a fact which can’t be denied owing to the footage that has gone viral.

The irony is that instead of apologizing and repenting, the management of Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth tried to scare all those who uploaded the viral video. Insiders told the news agency Kashmir News Trust that Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth used the naïve students to mislead the social media giant Facebook.

Scores of Facebook pages were blocked for a couple of days for uploading authentic news about the institute. “Facebook not only removed the content related to the Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth about an FIR lodged by the Cyber Police against them but also claimed that the photograph used by them is an intellectual property of the Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth – a claim hard to digest.

“It’s shame that this institute used the naïve students to target those FB pages which tried to bring out the truth,” said a netizen and appealed to Facebook to block the official page of the tainted Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth for misleading them.

Another fellow said that those students who acted on the directions of Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth to mislead Facebook must be exposed.

Pertinent to mention here is that after the video about the Physics Wallah Vidaypeeth got viral, an official from the Institute told KNT that they would issue an official statement but instead of that official statement, the Institute tried to scare the social media users by blocking their pages. [KNT]

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