Kashmir Mirwaiz calls for making Masjids as centres for social reform

 Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir Dr Moulvi Muhammad Umar Farooq emphasised on making mosques effective centres of social awareness and reform , in the wake of constant social challenges faced by the society , besides being places of worship.

He urged the scholars and imams of mosques to realize their responsibilities regarding the reformation of society and in their sermons in this blessed month, lay emphasis on personal and societal reform , while recounting the blessings and virtues of the holy month .

Inaugurating the newly constructed Muhaajir-e-Millat Masjid Shareef in Reshanhar, Nawa Kadal, Mirwaiz congratulated the people of the area for their efforts in building the mosque and said that construction of mosques is a great means of seeking Allah’s pleasure. He said that mosques should be actively utilised as the best centres for value based upbringing of children and youth  in the light of Islamic teachings and for efforts towards societal reform.

Mirwaiz emphasised that these mosques have to be kept flourishing with divine worship and remembrance of Allah, at all times.
“During the performance of the five daily prayers, Muslims in the area become acquainted with each other’s well-being, leading to the formation of a caring and united society” he said.

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