build3 impact Accelerator Invests Rs. 1.5 Crore in 5 Impact Startups, Invites 55 Founders for Second Iteration

Strengthening its commitment to the impact startup ecosystem, build3, a community-empowered startup studio in Goa, announces the success of its inaugural impact Accelerator cohort, with 5 selected startups receiving funding for their impact ideas. In parallel, with a commitment to nurturing impact ideas into startups, it also announced opening applications and doubling the number of founders and startups it is seeking for the second version of the Accelerator.

Cohort 1 Training Sessions

build3 has successfully invested INR 1.5 crore across five innovative startups in its inaugural cohort. Ranging from idea to pre-pmf stages, the investments were made in Ziti, a gig workforce platform powered by lead generation; Citraverse, an elderly-care platform; 18startup, which empowers college students with entrepreneurial skills; Neokul, an AI-assisted platform for future-first skills and employability; and GoodLives, an AI-enabled mental health wellness platform

Supporting Founders from impact idea to starting up

build3 aids founders in transforming their impact ideas into scalable startups. Offering a blend of mentorship, training, and capital, alongside a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs, build3’s accelerator program acts as a catalyst for entrepreneurial success. The studio has cultivated an ecosystem that supports early-stage founders from idea inception to scaling, focusing on creating a tangible impact on the world.

build3 impact Accelerator – the structured journey of creating a startup

The build3 impact Accelerator (biA), the flagship program, is specifically designed to propel startups from the ideation stage to scalable ventures. Offering comprehensive support through training, mentorship, and community building, biA is a beacon for startups at any stage of their journey. The programs unique setting in Goa provides an ideal backdrop for innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Celebrating cohort 1s success

The first cohort of the build3 Impact Accelerator marked a significant milestone, with investments of INR 25 Lakhs each in five startups. These startups, including Ziti, Citraverse, 18startup, Neokul, and GoodLives, represent a wide range of sectors, all having a common thread – impact. They range from AI-enabled mental wellness platforms to gig workforce solutions. The first cohort facilitated a collaborative environment where 30 founders could refine their ideas, gain essential startup skills, and secure funding through a pitch event, demonstrating build3s commitment to creating impact.

Opening doors to cohort 2

With the success of its first cohort, build3 is now inviting 55 founders for Cohort 2 of the build3 Impact Accelerator. This next phase promises to expand its reach, supporting even more startups to achieve their impact goals.

Through the build3 Impact Accelerator program, we’re pushing progress on the UNSDGs. The structure of the program helps turn these impact ideas into functional startups within 12 weeks, and enables them to scale further from there,” said Varun Chawla, Founder at build3 and Co-founder at 91Springboard.

Abhimanyu Rathi, Co-founder at build3 and the Program Lead of biA added, “Building on the first cohort’s success, we have increased the total participant seats to 55 for Cohort 2. Applications for Cohort 2 are currently open, and the program kicks off in mid-April.

How to apply to cohort 2

Startups interested in joining the next cohort can apply through a streamlined process designed to assess eligibility, passion, and commitment to building impact-driven ventures. The program welcomes startups at any stage, from ideas to early-stage businesses, especially those aiming to make progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Interested applicants can visit build3’s website to learn more before applying. To apply directly, they can use this link (build3.org/accelerator)

About build3

build3 is a startup studio dedicated to helping founders build impact ideas into startups. With a focus on capability, community, and capital, build3 supports the growth of startups through its community, mentorship, and funding. Its impact accelerator program is at the forefront of driving sustainable, meaningful change, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals for a better future.

For more information about build3 and how to apply to Cohort 2 of the build3 Impact Accelerator, visit this link (build3.org/accelerator)

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