A Tribute To Dr Abdul Ghani Madhosh

The passing of Dr Abdul Ghani Madhosh, a distinguished psychologist, has left a void in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him.

My journey with Dr Madhosh began in 2020, bringing both joy and anxiety. Many questions swirled in my mind, and it was unimaginable how such a prominent figure, known worldwide for his work, status, and principles, could be involved. I remember when I first met him, my heart was racing, and why wouldn’t it be?

He was a name to reckon with, a renowned psychologist. So many thoughts were running through my mind; I didn’t know what to ask or say. But when I met him, he greeted me with such warmth and respect, asking all the necessary questions. I answered each one of his questions brilliantly, and he was quite impressed. I can’t even begin to describe the thoughts and feelings I had before meeting him; they simply vanished afterward. Honestly, I don’t have words to express how meeting him changed me. I’ll just say, there are no words in the world that could truly capture his personality. If I were to put it simply, he was a gentle soul. He was my mentor, my guide, my role model. Even now, I can’t forget anything about him. He taught me what life truly is; he taught me how to live. We worked on numerous projects together, and he taught me how to work, how to conduct research, how to collect data. I learned life’s lessons from him. He taught me how to read and how to teach. I don’t know what else to say about him; no matter how much I speak, words fall short. He was such a person; his character was like that. We always discussed studies, and he explained things beautifully. He didn’t leave anything to chance. That is, he was not what you understood; it means he was a positive person. Being with him, I also became positive. He always helped me, corrected my work, and told me how to do things so that the world would remember you. I remember, even now, last year we worked together a lot, and in the end, I translated his Kashmiri school anthem (Yi Chu Poash Chaman) into English, and he also helped me with that. Overall, he is a helping hand not only for those who have worked with him but also for those they don’t know. He has done a lot for education sector, and he has given me his life experience as a gift, which stays with me in my life.

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You know what? I used to be in the Sheshnag house during my school days, and I was the teacher in charge of this house. The children in this house were quite capable; from brilliant to even more brilliant. There is still a white wall in the school, and whenever I passed by it, I would often think about it. One day, I had a meeting with my house members and suggested decorating this white wall, which was well-received. We all decorated the wall, named it “Sheshians,” and on May 1, 2023, we took handprints of Professor A.G. Madhosh and wrote above them “THE MAN OF PRINCIPLES.” It was fitting as he was truly a person of principles who had contributed significantly to society, giving it a distinct identity through his actions and principles. People not only knew him in Kashmir but also worldwide, recognizing his contributions. Working with him, experiencing his perspective, passion, and wisdom was remarkable. I consider myself fortunate that Allah gave me the opportunity to know such a rare gem of a person and work with him. His qualities, from head to toe, were exemplary, and I couldn’t express enough how happy I was to utilize his character, which has been recognized as one of the most famous and respected individuals in the world. He was very active when it came to work as well as academics and non-academics. Whenever he met children, they would be quite happy, and he too would be pleased. He would easily connect with children, becoming like one of them, and with adults, he would converse politely and respectfully. He always used to say that children should not be scolded but should be explained with love and affection because they are like flowers, so they should be spoken to with love and compassion. He is the one who gave me the topic to research between the age group of 13-20 on social evils, which became a turning point in my life.

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Every day, new topics would come to me, and I would work on them, as I mentioned to you earlier. I have learned a lot from him about everything, but on February 24, 2024, he left this world, and I am very saddened by this fact that he is no longer among us. But the lessons he taught me still remain with me; his words are still with me. Everything he said is still with me, and they will always be with me. Not just me, the whole world will not forget him. That’s how my professor Mr. A. G. Madhosh was. I call him my best friend. After meeting him and seeing my work, he offered me a job at his school, and I accepted that offer. That was another turning point in my life. There, I also met his son, who is the principal of DR. A. G. M’S SCHOOL, Mr. Usman Ghani Madhosh, who is also a very good person. He is humble, polite, and, most importantly, a dedicated person. Then I met another personality there, Ms. Nisha, who is the Vice-principal of Dr. A. G. M’s School. She is a very good lady, sincere, honest, and dedicated to the school. Whoever I met in that school, I developed a relationship with everyone, and they are all good people. May Allah bless him there as he blessed him here on this blue planet, and I knew it he already gave him the highest place in Jannah.

Working with him was truly enjoyable. We worked on an important topic that has become quite common in our society – black magic and sorcery. We received a very positive reader response, as he provided excellent counseling to anyone who came to us with their problems. He taught me how to be a good listener, which ultimately helped me become a good speaker. He emphasized the importance of motivating and inspiring others, often using religious examples to make his points clear. He always made time for tea, and I always joined him. He even shared his biscuits with me, showing his caring nature. He taught me that sharing is caring and emphasized the importance of humanity, regardless of one’s status or position. He believed in maintaining discipline in life, as it makes living easier. Every moment spent with him was a valuable learning experience, and he always motivated me to work hard, appreciating my efforts with the best remarks.

[Bazila Yussuf has done PG in English Literature. Presently working at Dr. A.G.M’s City School. Doing research between the age group of 13-20]

Bazillah Yussuf

Bazillah Yussuf has done integrated PG in English+Literature Presently working as Lecturer in Dr. A.G.M’s City School Doing research between the age group of 14-20 on Social Evils with Prof. Abdul Ghani Madhosh

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