Mercy 2 Animals Means Mercy 2 Mankind

Bazillah Yussuf

Feeding Birds and animals is our responsibility and showing love and compassion towards them is really a sign of human goodness. Let me tell you these animals and birds have been living with us for ages. So don’t you people think here a bit that it’s our responsibility to take care of them like we take care of our children, family, friends and loved ones .

It’s a charity if we show a bit of kindness towards these creatures. Allah will surely reward us .

The Holy Quran says that animals and birds form communities, just as humans do:

There is not an animal and bird that lives on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but they form communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and they all shall be gathered to their Lord in the end” (Quran 6:38).

Although animals and birds don’t have free will, they follow their natural Allah given instincts and can be said to “submit to Allah’s will,” which is the essence of Islam.

Animals and Birds are living creatures like us with sentiments and connections to the world and other world as well.

Show kindness towards birds and animals. Respect them as well like you respect your family, friends, children’s and your loved ones. Don’t maltreat them.

Whoever is merciful to Animals and Birds. Allah will be merciful to him on the Day of Judgment. “A good deed done to an animal and bird is like a good deed done to a human being, while an act of cruelty to an animal and bird is as bad as cruelty to a human being.”

May Allah give us opportunity to do such kind of duties so that we will reward it here and here after as well .

May Allah bless everyone and bless me as well.


Bazillah Yussuf has done integrated PG in English+Literature…. Presently working as Lecturer in Dr. A.G.M’s City School…..Doing research between the age group of 14-20 on Social Evils with Prof. Abdul Ghani Madhosh.

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