Khyber Cement distributes curated kits to its dealer & retailer network in Kashmir



Srinagar: Khyber Cement distributed a carefully curated kit to its esteemed dealer and retailer network in Kashmir through a dedicated team of 10 sales officers.

The distribution was meticulously coordinated by the sales officers, ensuring that this thoughtful initiative touched every corner of Kashmir.

The meticulously assembled kit, comprising a water bottle, key chains, key hangers, a diary, a notepad, a Khyber Cement cap, and a jute bag, was received with enthusiasm by the Khyber Cement network. The commendable initiative led by the sales officers garnered high praise, with the network embracing it wholeheartedly and extending its reach to every corner where the Khyber Cement retailer network is established.

The impact of this gesture resonated on social media, where dealers and retailers showcased their gratitude through posting images and creating a wave of positive sentiment for the brand.

Afaq Ahmad Naikoo expressed profound gratitude to Aijaz, stating, “Khyber has bestowed upon me the opportunity to pursue self-employment and earn a livelihood, notwithstanding my physical challenges.” This sentiment reflects the tangible impact that corporate initiatives can have on individuals within the community.

Khyber Cement’s discerning initiative has earned admiration and affection from its esteemed dealer and retailer network. The brand’s commitment to thoughtful gestures beyond business transactions underscores its dedication to building meaningful relationships and making a positive impact.

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