Jaan Nissar Lone: Musical Maestro from Jammu and Kashmir Set to Shine Globally”


Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir, Jaan Nissar Lone is a prodigious artist who has risen to stardom in the world of music, and he is undoubtedly the foremost artist from the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, particularly Kashmir. His latest project, “Asia and Africa,” is set to have a global impact. Filmed in vibrant cities like Dubai and Moscow, this creation is in its final stages of post-production.

A Global Spectacle

“Asia and Africa – Together we will rise and transcend” Anthem is not just about music; it’s a powerful symbol of unity and collaboration. Featuring a diverse ensemble of exceptionally talented artists from Asian and African countries, this track celebrates cultural harmony. Renowned Bollywood singer and live performer Rani Hazarika takes the spotlight, guided by Jaan Nissar Lone, who not only composed but also directed this venture.

Bollywood Singer Rani Hazarika while shooting for “Asia and Africa” Anthem in DUBAI

Realizing the Vision

Behind the scenes, the musical masterpiece is skillfully managed by Dr. Sergei Dvorianov. With a blend of musical talent, cultural diversity, and Jaan Nissar Lone’s creative genius, “Asia and Africa” promises to be an unforgettable listening experience that transcends borders and connects souls worldwide. The production is helmed by AR Music Studios International and empowered by Madhu Bhandari’s global endeavor, SWAFE.

As the world eagerly anticipates the release of “Asia and Africa,” we are reminded of the limitless potential of music to bridge gaps and unite people. Jaan Nissar Lone’s journey from the scenic beauty of Jammu and Kashmir to the global stage is a testament to his extraordinary musical prowess and his dedication to promoting unity through the universal language of music. Stay tuned for the launch of this unforgettable track, set to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.


In a recent announcement, Jaan Nissar Lone has been selected as a prominent figure for the upcoming Ubiquitous Mega Music Awards (UMMA AWARDS 2024). This global music awards event is set to surpass even the Grammy Awards in South Asia, with the backing of more than 75 countries and an estimated budget of approximately USD 150 million.

Ubiquitous Mega Music Awards – UMMA AWARDS 2024

AR Music Studios, his creative haven, produced chart-toppers like “Harmukh Bartal” in “The Family Man” Season 1 with Manoj Bajpai, “Salam e Wazwane,” “Rang Rasiya,” “Peer Myanio,” “Qarar Rouvum,” and the recent enchanting “Dilbaro Portrait of Love” shot in the scenic city of Yerevan, Armenia. Each song a masterpiece, showcasing Lone’s versatility and the ability to craft melodies that linger in listeners’ hearts.

Jaan Nissar Lone’s musical journey began in 2009, crafting memorable tunes for jingles, TV ads, and top brands. His breakthrough came in 2012 with the critically acclaimed “Shudra: The Rising.” Born on October 5, 1987, Jaan Nissar Lone’s music transcends borders, languages, and cultures, resonating with music lovers worldwide. As we celebrate his melodic brilliance, we eagerly look forward to the new melodies and stories this maestro will bring in the years ahead. With his fingers dancing on the keys and his voice filling the air, the world of music remains an enchanting realm.

Neyaz Elahi

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