Dalgate to Nehru Park stretch declared ‘no halt zone’


To facilitate smooth movement for pedestrians especially tourists enjoying the sight scene of beautiful Dal Lake in Srinagar, the authorities have declared the Boulevard road stretch from Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park as a ‘no halt zone.

No driver will be allowed to halt his vehicle in the designated stretch and any violation will attract a penalty.

In this regard, an order has been issued by Chairman Regional Transport Authority (District Magistrate, Srinagar) Muhammad Aijaz Asad here stating that Boulevard road as a whole is thronged by a large number of locals and tourists, especially during the current season and frequent congestion is observed and traffic jam has become a norm around this road due to the unauthorized halt of vehicles which in turn create a blockage for the smooth vehicular passage.

The order reads that “a number of vendors also gather on the said road stretch of the Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park as it is interspersed with a high density of houseboats, business establishments, hotel and restaurants on both sides, besides autos, taxis, and private car owners park their vehicles on the main road that often leads to traffic congestion and inconvenience to the commuters and tourists.

The order further reads that the traffic congestion around this area has been a constant maneuverability glitch for the inhabitants along the Boulevard road in Nishat, Shalimar, Harwan, and surrounding wards/villages and numerous representations have been received from the locals to mitigate this perpetual problem.

Accordingly, the issue has been broached at length in the Regional Transport Authority(RTA) meeting and it was unanimously agreed that necessary steps need to be taken to ensure smooth traffic flow on the boulevard road as a whole.

“Now, therefore, in the interest of the general public, Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park road segment on Boulevard Road is, hereby, declared as “No Halt Zone” for vehicles of all types and with the directions that Traffic Police and Enforcement agencies including the District Police shall ensure that no vehicles are parked on the roadside and no linear stops are allowed on the mentioned segment of the Boulevard road.”

As per the order, any breach of the instruction shall attract the imposition of a fine under the norms in vogue. [KNT]

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