G20 event in Kashmir from the perspective of India and International media…..

G20 event in Kashmir from the perspective of India and International media…..

1. Pakistan’s ‘friends’ pick propaganda over progress

2. India rolled out to the red carpet for G20 delegates in Kashmir

3. In some ways, the conference has not quite hit the mark as other meetings held across India have had.

4. The meeting has been overshadowed by the absence of China and Saudi Arabia and a very marginal attendance by other “friends” of Pakistan.

5. About 61 delegates from the majority of G20 nations attended the meeting.

6. The Chinese objection followed a statement by the UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, Fernand de Varennes that ‘the Government of India is seeking to normalize what some have described as a military occupation by instrumentalizing a G20 meeting and portray an international seal of approval.’

7. India’s UN delegation in Geneva blasted the statement as being ‘without merit’.

8. Some important members of the grouping — all friends of Pakistan — including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkiye, Indonesia and Mexico have abstained from the event.

9. Meeting being held within the fortress

10. New Delhi may have expected to project an image of normality prevailing in the disputed territory with the holding of this meeting. But visuals of armoured vehicles with soldiers armed to the teeth deployed at multiple locations in Kashmir narrated another story.

11. Pakistan and its ‘friends’ have been unable to come to terms with the complete integration of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the India. [KNT]

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