BJP spreading lies about Jammu and Kashmir: Soz

News Agency Kashmir News Trust [KNT]

Congress party senior leader and former Union Minister Prof. Saifuddin Soz lashed out at the ruling BJP for spreading lies and propagating fake narratives about Jammu and Kashmir.

Soz in a statement to news agency Kashmir News Trust said that with their eyes shut on the reality of Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP continues to harp that Article 370 hindered the vision of one India. He said this narrative is absolutely wrong.

“The one-sided propaganda that Article 370 hindered the vision of “One Bharat”, continues unabated. All this narrative has deepened the anger of the people of J&K, who feel badly let down as the BJP has gone back on the very basis of forging of J&K State’s Constitutional relationship with the Union of India. BJP’s leadership does not care to assess how the State’s Constitutional Relationship was established on the specific guarantee to the people of the state that its Internal Autonomy would be preserved through Article 370 of the Constitution of India,” Soz said.

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He added that the scrapping of Article 370 unilaterally by the Central Government is absolutely wrong as the First Party to the State’s Accession with India; the people of Jammu and Kashmir were not consulted at all.

“This is a one-sided action by the Central Govt. and, therefore, the people of J&K will continue their democratic struggle for the restoration of the state’s Autonomy,” Soz said.

“Unfortunately, a section of Kashmir Mainstream Political Class is diluting the peoples’ democratic struggle by harping their tune and seeking restoration of statehood for the state. The people of the State understand that their basic demand is that their Internal Autonomy as enshrined in Article 370, be restored.”

“As for the Statehood, it cannot be taken away and it will get restored automatically. How can J&K State remain a Union Territory? The fact is that the BJP Govt. reduced the State’s status as a Temporary Measure, unnecessarily, wrongly, and unwittingly. It will be obliged to restore the status early,” Saifuddin Soz said. (KNT)

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