Physics Wallah Viral Video: Concerned citizens express anguish

In light of a recent viral video from coaching Institute Physics Wallah (PW) and regarding the recent developments in the education sector in Kashmir, Chairman Kashmir Concern, along with other allied non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which include JKFAST (Jammu Kashmir Federation for All Societies & Trust ) Rahmatan Lil Aalmeen Foundation International,Athwass Group of Humnaity has voiced serious concerns regarding the proliferation of inappropriate content such as videos and vulgarity within educational institutions in Kashmir valley.

Chairman Kashmir Concern Dr Touseef Ahmed, in collaboration with like-minded NGOs, has been closely monitoring the situation and has observed a disturbing trend of videos and vulgar content being circulated and consumed within educational institutions. This trend not only undermines the moral fabric of our society but also hampers the academic growth and character development of the students.

The Chairman emphasized that education should be a platform for nurturing young minds, fostering critical thinking, and promoting values of respect, decency, and integrity. The infiltration of inappropriate content within educational settings not only goes against these principles but also poses a grave threat to the future generations of Kashmir.

In response to these growing concerns, Chairman Kashmir Concern and allied NGOs are calling for immediate action to address this issue. They are urging educational institutions, government authorities, parents, and the community at large to come together to safeguard the educational environment and ensure that students are provided with a safe and healthy learning environment.

In recent years, the education system has faced a myriad of challenges that have significantly impacted students’ well-being and academic success. One such pressing issue is the alarming rise in student drug addiction, which has been fueled by various factors within the educational landscape. Social activists have emerged as key players in addressing these growing issues and advocating for positive change within the education system.

Social activists play a crucial role in shedding light on the systemic issues that contribute to student drug addiction. They work tirelessly to raise awareness about the root causes of this problem, including academic pressure, lack of support services, and inadequate drug education programs. By bringing attention to these issues, social activists strive to create a more nurturing and supportive environment for students to thrive in. Said Dr Ayub Mattoo President JKFAST.

Sheikh Firdous Ali Chairman Rahmatan Lil Aalmeen Foundation International and social activist advocated for policy changes and reforms that prioritize the well-being of students and promote a healthy school environment. They work closely with educators, policymakers, and community stakeholders to develop comprehensive strategies that address the underlying issues contributing to student drug addiction. By collaborating with various stakeholders, social activists aim to create sustainable solutions that foster a culture of wellness and resilience within the education system.

Mr Riyaz Malik Senior Socail Activist and Chairman SR Institute as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust said that it is imperative that we recognize the invaluable contributions of social activists in addressing the growing challenges within the education system. Their advocacy and tireless efforts are instrumental in creating a safer and more supportive environment for students to learn and grow. As we continue to navigate the complex landscape of education, we must work hand in hand with social activists to build a brighter future for the next generation.

Rouf Illahi Chairman Atwass Group of Humanity said It is imperative that all stakeholders work collaboratively to identify and eliminate sources of inappropriate content, provide guidance and counseling to students, and promote a culture of respect and responsibility within educational institutions.

Chairman Kashmir Concern and allied NGOs are committed to working tirelessly to address these challenges and to ensure that the education sector in Kashmir upholds the highest standards of quality, ethics, and respect for all. [KNT]

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