Khyber organizes medical camp at Sangri Village


Khyber Industries Pvt Ltd, a leading company from Jammu & Kashmir, committed to social responsibility, organized a medical camp in Sangri Village, Khonmoh, Srinagar, as part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The camp provided essential healthcare services and raised awareness about preventive healthcare practices among the village’s women and children. This impactful initiative builds upon Khyber’s legacy of CSR excellence, consistently prioritizing the well-being of the communities they serve.

The medical camp bridged the gap in accessible healthcare services for women and children in Sangri Village. With a focus on improving overall well-being and promoting a healthier community, the camp offered a range of services like free medical consultations by qualified healthcare professionals from the Primary Health Centre Khunmoh.

The camp also conducted health screenings, including blood pressure checks, weight assessments, and screenings for common ailments prevalent among women and children. Informative sessions were held to educate attendees on topics such as maternal health, childcare, hygiene practices, nutrition, and disease prevention strategies. Furthermore, essential medications were distributed to those in need, ensuring access to basic healthcare supplies and promoting adherence to prescribed treatments.

The medical camp witnessed a significant turnout, with over 300 women and children from Sangri Village availing themselves of the offered healthcare services. This overwhelming response underscores the pressing need for accessible and comprehensive healthcare facilities in the community.

Khyber Industries Pvt Ltd remains dedicated to giving back to the community through impactful CSR initiatives. The success of this medical camp reinforces the company’s commitment to promoting better health and well-being for all.

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