Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. Celebrates Sixth Consecutive Recognition as Great Place To Work

The BSE listed FMCG giant is making waves with its financial success. Continuous recognition as a Great Place To Work is another proud achievement for the Company.

GPI announces its 6th consecutive certification as a Great Place to Work

Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. (GPIL), a leading FMCG company and a Fortune 500 and ET 500 India listed organization, proudly announces its sixth consecutive certification as a Great Place To Work by the renowned Great Place To Work Institute.

Commenting on the achievement, Dr. Bina Modi, Chairperson and Managing Director of the Company said, “At Godfrey Phillips India, our People-First Philosophy is more than just a mantra; its the essence of our culture. Were dedicated to cultivating an environment where every individual feels not just valued, but truly at home, empowered to thrive and contribute their best. Our employees deep sense of ownership, responsibility, respect, and love for GPIL is the true measure of our success. This certification is another testament to our unwavering commitment to our people, further solidifying our legacy of care and reinforcing our belief that together, we can achieve greatness.” She further added that she has never thought of the Company as my company, but always as our company – because at GPIL employees are equal partners.

Sharad Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, echoed Dr. Modis sentiments, stating, “We are thrilled with this recognition. GPIL takes immense pride in fostering a culture of collaboration, cross-learning, transparency and respect. I have always pushed our people to share their ideas, to try and try again. Our employees are not just colleagues; they are part of the OneGPI family. This recognition is a testament to their dedication and contributions, and how far we have come together. ‘Together‘ continues to be a core value for GPIL which represents our joint contributions.”

Sakshi Anand, Chief Human Resources Officer, emphasized, “Equality is fundamental to GPILs ethos. We provide equal opportunities for all our employees to share their ideas, grow professionally, and diversify their skill sets. Our commitment to nurturing a supportive and inclusive workplace is unwavering. This recognition comes with a responsibility of maintaining and raising the standard of work ethics that we practice and promote at Godfrey Phillips India and I’m very proud to say that the entire OneGPI family sincerely supports this effort.”

Godfrey Phillips India’s consistent recognition as a Great Place To Work underscores its steadfast commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture and prioritizing the well-being and growth of its employees. The Company is breaking its own growth records year on year. Along with financial success, GPIL continues to set industry benchmarks for excellence in workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

For more information, please contact Harmanjit Singh at Harmanjit@godfreyphillips.co.in.

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