Gandbal Boat Tragedy; Locals Protest Against ‘Slow Pace’ Of Rescue Operation

The Gandbal Boat tragedy Thursday sparked protests from locals due to concerns over what they said “slow pace of the rescue operation.”

Taja, whose son and grandson are missing was also the part of protest, urging authorities to press more men and machinery to find the missing persons.

“For the past ten days now, my son Showkat and minor grandson Haziq Showkat are submerged in Jhelum. How can I find comfort,” she said.

Two children and one other person are still missing. Missing persons include Showkat Ahmad, his minor son Haziq and another minor Farhan Waseem.

The protestors blocked the main road at Soiteng to press for their demand.

A police official assured the protestors that he would escalate the matter to expedite the rescue efforts, leading to the peaceful dispersal of the protestors.

“On your demand, the government has already initiated a major rescue operation at Veer. I assure you of redressal grievance. The government is seriously putting all efforts to find the missing persons,” the police officer told protestors.

Receiving assurances from Police, the protestors disbursed off peacefully, hopeful for intensified efforts to locate the missing individuals.

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