Narrowing Roads, Widening Footpaths: ‘Div Com agrees to review Shahre Khas projects’

The President Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Javed Ahmad Tenga held a meeting with the Divisional Commissioner, Mr. Vijay Kumar Bidhuri. He was accompanied by the Shahre Khas Traders & Chambers President, Bashir Ahmad Kenu & President Central Traders & Manufacturers Association Mushtaq Ahmad Darial.

The Divisional Commissioner’s attention was drawn on the Smart City projects planned to develop and beautify Srinagar City undertaken by Srinagar Smart City Limited. He was told that the projects are being generally welcomed despite the delays in implementing them. However, some projects under implementation in Shah re Khas have not been well conceptualized. A few years ago the project of widening the old city roads to smoothen the traffic flow was carried out and a large number of acquisitions and demolitions were carried out which was welcomed. The widening of roads had also been necessitated for the reason of many old city roads had been laid not only decades but centuries ago.

The lives of residents, commuters, and a large number of traders across the city had become miserable. However, the Srinagar Smart City Limited is in the process and working towards narrowing down many roads once again. It will take the city back to the days of narrow and non-commutable roads ignoring the fact of the increase in traffic manifold.  In this context, the construction of wide pavements/ footpaths does not seem to be a good idea which needs to be reviewed. The narrowing down instead of widening of roads will prove detrimental to the development and interests of the Shah re Khas traders, residents and commuters.

The KCCI President sought his intervention as Chairman of the Srinagar Smart City Limited to kindly consider their submission and have them addressed before it becomes too late. The Divisional Commissioner agreed that any project which would not benefit the general public would be reviewed.

The President KCCI thanked the Divisional Commissioner. [KNT]

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