Cycle Pure Agarbathi Introduces Sampoorna Puja Kit to Kickstart Maha Shivratri Celebrations

Cycle Pure Agarbathi, India’s leading agarbathi manufacturer in India, has unveiled its Sampoorna Shivratri Puja Kit for the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide all the essential items required for a complete and traditional Shivratri puja, facilitating a more convenient and devout worship experience for devotees honoring Lord Shiva. The Sampoorna Puja Kit by Cycle streamlines the ritual process by including key items such as a Shiva Linga idol, Haridra, Kumkum, Vastra, Peetha, a Puja bell, Cup Sambrani, Diya, Kankana, a Chandana tablet, and a detailed step-by-step guide for performing the puja.

Embrace tradition with Ease with Cycle Pure Agarbathis Sampoorna Puja Kit DIY pack

Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated in India, to honor Lord Shiva. Devotees often observe a day-long fast and visit Shiva temples to offer prayers, perform rituals, and chant mantras. The festival holds great significance in Hinduism and is believed to mark the day when Lord Shiva performed the cosmic dance of creation, preservation, and destruction. Its also believed to be the night when Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati. On this auspicious day, the Sampoorna Puja kit will not only make the puja convenient but also ensures that devotees can perform the rituals with reverence and devotion.

This all-inclusive kit is designed to meet the Shivratri puja requirements of individuals from diverse backgrounds, encompassing working professionals, stay-at-home mothers, homemakers, and newlyweds embarking on their first festival celebration. With this endeavor, Cycle Pure strives to elevate the puja experience and instill renewed fervor into Maha Shivratri festivities, thereby upholding our cultural heritage in the modern era.

Speaking about the product, Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathi, says, ‘Cycle Pure has consistently played a pivotal role in individuals spiritual journeys and remains committed to delivering a comprehensive and fulfilling experience for devotees who honor this sacred festival. We are steadfast in our dedication to providing pure and top-quality ingredients that resonate with our brands sustainability principles, emphasizing prayer, celebration, and environmental consciousness. To this end, we have thoughtfully selected eco-friendly idols suitable for immersion.”

With the introduction of our Sampoorna Shivratri Puja kit, our goal is to facilitate a deep connection with the divine and promote the observance of traditional puja customs, ensuring the longevity of these treasured rituals for generations to come,‘ he adds.

In India, it is a renowned custom for individuals to express their sincere devotion to the supreme deity, aligning their lives with divine principles. During festivals, such as those honoring Lord Shiva, a notable tradition involves installing Shiva idols in households to welcome the divine presence. To enhance the significance of this celebration, Cycle Pure Agarbathi provides tailor-made pooja packs for Lord Shiva during this auspicious occasion, imbuing the festivities with a personal touch and enriching the spiritual journey.

The Sampoorna Maha Shivratri Puja Kit is available for purchase at The puja kit is priced at just INR 699.00/- You can purchase it by clicking here.

About NRRS

The Mysuru-based NRRS was founded by Shri N. Ranga Rao in 1948. A true visionary and philanthropist, Shri Ranga Rao created the ubiquitous Cycle Pure Agarbathi which has, today, become the largest selling incense stick brand in the world. From a home-grown enterprise, NR Group has evolved into a successfully run business conglomerate with an established presence in India and abroad. The Group has diversified into various business categories like functional air care products (Lia brand of room fresheners and car fresheners), wellness home fragrance products (IRIS) under Ripple Fragrances, floral extracts (NESSO), and Rangsons Technologies. Today, it is truly an Agarbathi to Aerospace conglomerate as it is also involved in making parts for defence helicopters. The organization has largely committed towards social responsibilities and fulfils them, through its charity arm ‘NR Foundation‘.

NR Group today is managed by the third generation of the Ranga family. For more information on NR Group, please visit

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