Septuagenarian critical patient gets a new lease of life at Paras Health Srinagar


A septuagenarian from Kashmir Valley got a new lease of life at Paras Health Srinagar.

The patient had multiple comorbid illness (Type 2 DM, hypothyroidism, obesity, CKD, Anemia, and OSA) and had sudden cardiac arrest, and aborted sudden cardiac death.

The patient had received prolonged cardiopulmonary massage (CPR) at a tertiary hospital, but due to lack of facilities and proper care and the very critical condition of the patient, his relatives called the Paras emergency department for the transfer of the patient. The patient was shifted to Paras Hospital on a potable ventilator for further treatment. On evaluation at Paras Hospital emergency by the emergency team and Dr. Muhammad Maqbool Sohil from interventional cardiology found that the patient had underlying high-grade SA, Nodal and AV-Nodal heart blocks due to which the patient had a cardiac arrest and was in shock.

Given the advanced heart block, it was decided by Dr. Maqbool Sohil and the Critical Care Medicine team to implant a Dual chamber pacemaker on ventilator support. Though Dual chamber pacemaker implantation is a common cardiac procedure. However, due to the critical condition of the patient requiring ventilator support and was in shock, it became an extremely challenging procedure. A dual chamber pacemaker was implanted successfully and uneventfully in this patient having shock and on ventilator support by Dr. Maqbool Sohil and the team.

On evaluation, it was found that the patient had developed Aspiration Pneumonia of both lungs with severe lung injury known as ARDS. Cultures from the patient had shown infection due to multiple, Extended drug-resistant bacteria which are extremely difficult to treat, due to poor response to antibiotics. The patient managed by a multidisciplinary team started improving slowly and after 15 days was weaned from ventilator support successfully.

On the 22nd day of admission, the patient recovered completely from all life-threatening Medical Conditions and was discharged in healthy condition. [KNT]

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