Rani Hazarika’s “BIHU RE – Nasha Sa Laage” by AR Music Studios: A Cultural Marvel Taking the Music World by Storm!


In a dazzling display of cultural fusion, AR Music Studios, also known as ARMS RECORD LABEL, takes center stage with their latest release, “BIHU RE – Nasha Sa Laage.” This musical spectacle, composed and sung by the talented Rani Hazarika, is gaining unprecedented traction on music platforms, particularly Instagram and YouTube.

A celebration of Assam’s rich folk heritage, “BIHU RE – Nasha Sa Laage” seamlessly blends Assamese Bihu Xuria Modern vibes with Hindi lyrics, skillfully crafted by the renowned Tanveer Ghazi. The visionary Jaan Nissar Lone directs this masterpiece, set against mesmerizing desert landscapes and dynamic cityscapes.

Rani Hazarika and Jaan Nissar Lone take the spotlight in the video, accompanied by an ensemble of brilliant dancers from around the globe. This visual extravaganza unfolds as a vibrant ode to cultural diversity, accompanied by the universal language of music.

AR Music Studios, led by Jaan Nissar Lone and co-produced by Ranjana Baruah, brings this project to life. The costumes, curated by Luizee Deka, and the captivating choreography by Yanochka (Yana) & Team add layers of visual splendor to the overall experience.

“BIHU RE – Nasha Sa Laage” transcends being just a song; it is a cultural symphony resonating across borders. The fusion of Assamese traditions with modern beats creates a harmonious journey that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. As the charts light up, this musical gem stands as a testament to the power of unity in diversity.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm, dance, and cultural richness of “BIHU RE – Nasha Sa Laage” as it continues its triumphant trend, captivating a global audience with its vibrant celebration of music and tradition.

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