Khyber Industries welcomes diploma civil engineering students from Polytechnic College for educational visit


 Khyber Cement, a prominent cement brand in Jammu & Kashmir, had recently launched its new logo with the tagline ‘Dil se banao’. Recently, the reputed organization hosted a total of 21 students, accompanied by three faculty members Mr. Shah Suehail, Mr. Mushkoor Bashir, and Mr. Tasheen. The young minds had the privilege of exploring the operations and facilities at Khyber Cement Industries Private Limited. This visit was a valuable opportunity for the students to gain practical insights into the real-world application of their academic knowledge.

Throughout the visit, the students were provided with a comprehensive overview of the cement manufacturing process, safety protocols, and the latest technologies employed in the industry. The interaction with the experts at Khyber Cement allowed the engineering students to broaden their understanding and witness the firsthand challenges and innovations within the cement manufacturing sector. The students were greatly impressed by the proactive measures taken by Khyber Industries Private Limited to mitigate the impact of its operations on the surrounding environment. The noteworthy observations made by the students were the impressive pollution preventive measures implemented at the factory.

The students unanimously acclaimed this trip as the best among all. During this session Prof. Dr. Shafquat said “It is initiatives like these that empower students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, preparing them for the challenges of their future careers.”

At Khyber Cement, education holds the key to unlocking a brighter future for our beloved community. The organization wholeheartedly believes in empowering local children with enhanced educational opportunities at Khyber Cement. With great passion and dedication, Khyber Cement actively establishes and supports government schools, nurturing young minds poised to become future leaders and catalysts for positive change.
Mr. Riaz Tramboo the director of operation – Khyber Cement, said, “At Khyber Cement, we are dedicated towards the betterment of our region and people in all ways possible. It was a heart-warming experience for all of us to welcome the faculty members and the students of Government Polytechnic College, Budgam, who are our future. Our small contribution in shaping their career has been a true honor and is one of the many initiatives at Khyber Cement to enrich the lives from our region.”

Khyber Cement continues its stride towards enhancing the well-being of Jammu and Kashmir, persistently striving to rehabilitate the environment. While following ethical and visionary practices, helping the company successfully expand into several businesses they also provided sponsorships to numerous organizations and an assortment of noteworthy causes.

The Kashmiri conglomerate is also well-known for supporting causes like SAAYA (Shadow of Hope), the O-Sport Foundation, events including Buland Hosla, the Mixed Martial Arts Association of J&K, the O-Sport Foundation of India, and many more. Khyber Cement adheres to the ideology of contributing value by making meaningful buildings that have a positive impact not just on people’s hearts but also on the environment.

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