Dog menace at Srinagar’s media hub scars journalists


Dog menace at Srinagar’s Press Enclave continues to pester journalists during late night hours.

Scores of dogs can be seen roaming in Srinagar’s Press Enclave during late night hours. Scribes who leave their offices during late night hours have appealed to the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to take measures to check the stray dog menace at Press Colony.

One of the senior journalists told the news agency Kashmir News Trust that he sustained injuries while saving himself from the dogs at the Press Colony.

“After leaving the office I approached my private vehicle that I had parked in the Press Colony. A pack of dogs chased me and in order to save myself, I injured my left foot,” he said.

Another journalist said that he feels scared in the Press Colony during late night hours. He added that there is no proper mechanism to check dog menace on the ground, which is making life miserable for journalists working late night hours.

When contacted a senior official from SMC said that manpower will be used to catch the dogs present in the Press Colony. [KNT]


Neyaz Elahi

Neyaz Elahi, who switched from Electronic to Print Media is a Kashmir based Accredited Journalist who has written extensively on Kashmir for local, national and international web portals. He is currently associated with Srinagar based News Agency Kashmir News Trust (KNT).

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