Deadlock over ‘gathering’ Meeting over Muharram procession virtually ‘fails’


The meeting between the representatives of Shia organizations and the government over the Muharram procession has virtually failed. Earlier, there were reports that the government will allow the traditional 8th Muharram procession in Srinagar city, however, the meeting between the representatives of Shia organizations and the government didn’t yield any results as the deadlock on the question of ‘gathering’ continues.

“I don’t think the government is now in a mood to allow the Muharram processions in Srinagar,” Syed Muzaffar Rizvi, General Secretary Jammu Kashmir Ithadul Muslimeen told reporters in Srinagar after the culmination of the meeting.

Jammu Kashmir Ithadul Muslimeen, one of the prominent organizations is led by Maulana Masroor Abbas Ansari, the son of the late vetarn leader Molvi Abbas Ansari.

“Government wants there should be limited participation of mourners in the procession. How can we stop mourners from participating in the ‘Hussaini’ procession? We have no control over it and we don’t have any right to do so. Every Muslim wants to be part of this procession,” Rizvi as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust said.

He said the representatives from the government wanted us to have limited gatherings. “There was discussion on this issue and virtually we didn’t arrive at any consensus.” [KNT]

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