Physics Wallah Addresses Presser In Kashmir Capital Srinagar


Physics Wallah which was recently in the news for some bad reasons today held a presser in Kashmir capital Srinagar claiming that it believes in quality education and has the best faculty across India.

“Our brand is very big and it is obvious for big brands to remain in controversy. It’s a mixture of truth and falsehood but we want to make it clear that we provide quality education and take care of every student,” Rohit Gupta said.

Physics Wallah is probably the first unicorn company from India that has been founded by a teacher-turned-startup entrepreneur Alkh Pandey who initially started imparting education to students through his youtube channel.

“We are not businessmen but teachers and want to offer quality education to students. Our faculty members are not only from Kashmir but from outside including Kota, Chandigarh, etc and you will certainly feel a difference,” one of the representatives from Physics Wallah (PW) said.

When asked that, PW frequently changes its facility or some of the faculty members leave the institute mid-way, much annoyance to the students, the PW said that they train their faculty and record their classes. PW said that they always ensure that students don’t suffer.

For the unversed, it must be noted that three prominent teachers who were part of Physics Wallah resigned in March this year alleging that PW no longer gives a conducive environment to the students to study and that has disillusioned these teachers’ vision. These teachers have created their own youtube channel Sankalap which has been garnering millions of hits.

Media has always been kind to Coaching Centers in Kashmir that are business oriented in nature for one or the other reason.

Ironically, one of the organizers or a member of the PW confronted a reporter after the press conference asking him why he posed questions about controversy engulfing PW, a remark that didn’t go down well with the reporter who retorted back that he is the representative of students and not the one at his beck and call.

Another thing that this reporter noted was that an alleged reporter with a questionnaire in his hand started questioning the organizers not even allowing them to introduce themselves. “It seems to be a staged press conference. 90% of reporters were from Budgam district who run Facebook pages. May be this gentleman might have been handed over the questionnaire and he was in a hurry to finish his ‘yes man’ job,” said a reporter.

It should also be noted that a private coaching centre from Kota instead of showing results from Kashmir and adorning its success story from Valley comes up with massive billboard advertisements where one can see toppers belonging to outside states.

“I wish I see a topper from Jammu and Kashmir but they (coaching centres) are selling the performance of outside students to us, befooling us and we get befooled,” one of the parents said.

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