200 Fridays: No sermon from Kashmir Mirwaiz at historic Jamia Masjid


Anjuman-i- Auqaf Jama Masjid said that it has been a record 200 Fridays since the Mirwaiz of Kashmir has been barred by the authorities from delivering the Friday sermons from the pulpit of the historic Jama Masjid.

Anjuman said that the pain and anguish of this religious repression on the Muslims of the valley have caused them is extremely unfortunate. Despite repeated appeals for his release from all sections and quarters of J&K and outside the authorities have denied it so far.

Anjuman Auqaf said that a protest was held on this in Jamia Masjid today on Friday prayers, in which a large number of men and women present strongly urged the government to release the Mirwaiz immediately. They said that since 2019 August the pulpit of Jama Masjid has fallen silent which was the source of religious, moral education, and spiritual solace for them.

On behalf of Anjuman, Imam Hai of Jama Masjid Ahmed Syed Naqshbandi expressed deep dismay that despite repeated appeals to allow the Mirwaiz to come to Jama  Masjid to resume his responsibilities as the Mirwaiz, the authorities are not paying any heed. He said that before the commencement of Ramzan a delegation of prominent religious leaders and scholars as part of the Muthahida Majlis e Ulema (MMU), had sent a letter to the LG requesting an appointment with regard to discussing the release of the Mirwaiz and other issues, but till date, they have not received any reply, despite reminders.

Imam Hai asked that while the authorities are thoughtful of the sentiments associated with the annual Amarnath yatra and provide all assistance to the pilgrims for its smooth conduct which is how it should be, why are the sentiments of the Muslim community being ignored and hurt by keeping the Mirwaiz away from the Jama Masjid? He said that for decades it has been the tradition of the revered Mirwaizeen, that they prayed for the safety of the pilgrims as they embarked on the difficult terrain of the yatra and asked people to assist them, and today it is the Mirwaz who is being barred from his fundamental rights as a human and his duties of the Mirwaz. [KNT]

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