MRI/CT scan unavailable in all hospitals managed by DHSK, Only one permanent lady X-Ray technician for Srinagar Zone


In Srinagar, hospitals falling under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Health Services Kashmir san MRI and CT Scan facilities.

Besides, this lacuna, there is only one permanent female X-Ray technician across Srinagar hospitals managed by the Directorate of Health Services.

“There are only 3 permanent X-Ray technicians, among which one is a lady employee. In majority of the hospitals, there are no female ECG technicians. Female patients are reluctant to go for Electrocardiogram tests, mostly done by male employees,” one of the officials told the news agency Kashmir News Trust.

The official revealed that for the last five years, there has been no direct recruitment of X-Ray technicians in the Srinagar Zone.

“Most of the female patients prefer to go for ECG tests at private diagnostic centres as no female ECG employees are available in the government hospitals. However, poor patients have no choice but to approach a male ECG technician,” he said.

Meanwhile, in response to an application filed under RTI Act by senior Journalist and social activist, MM Shuja, the Chief Medical Officer Srinagar has confirmed that no Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and CT Scan is available in any of the health centres functional under the jurisdiction of Directorate of Health Services Kashmir.

The absence of technical hands has made the matters worse. “The upgraded NTPHCs have facilities like X-Ray, Ultra Sound, but due to a lack of technical staff, they don’t use these machines.

One of the top officials claimed that those who are at the helm of affairs at the Directorate of Health Services are in slumber. He said authorities must not sleep over such matters as it pertains to the health issues of common people. [KNT]

Neyaz Elahi

Neyaz Elahi, who switched from Electronic to Print Media is a Kashmir based Accredited Journalist who has written extensively on Kashmir for local, national and international web portals. He is currently associated with Srinagar based News Agency Kashmir News Trust (KNT).

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