Sonamarg Development Authority fails to stop illegal construction at tourist resort

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Sonamarg Development Authority has miserably failed to stop the illegal construction work going on at the tourist resort Sonmarg and Lashpatri.

Sources said that some unscrupulous elements are violating masterplan and are adding to the size of their hotels.

An insider told news agency Kashmir News Trust that a few days ago Chief Executive Officer, Sonamarg directed the field staff, particularly engineers to stop the construction work going on in Sonamarg and Lashpatri, but nothing changed on the ground and no action against the violators has been initiated.

The Court has imposed a blanket ban on the construction work in Sonmarg. Court had passed the direction after it surfaced that illegal construction work galore in Sonamarg.

Reports said that people have started converting their houses in hotels. To complete the process most of the house owners have been resorting to illegal means.

Reports adding that an agency has also started construction work for a quarter. “Leave aside the said organization, even Sonamarg Development Authority can’t raise a concrete structure at this tourist resort,” said a local.

One of the shopkeepers said that rampant illegal construction has disfigured the beautiful face of the Sonamarg tourist resort.

He said Sonamarg Development Authority needs to act tough against the violators who ruin the natural beauty of this tourist resort for their personal gains. [KNT]

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