Prices of eatables skyrocket in Srinagar in Ramadhan


In the ongoing holy month of Ramadhan, the prices of food items, specifically fruits, and vegetables, have skyrocketed in Kashmir capital Srinagar.

Consumers have voiced their concerns over the exorbitant prices of fruits and vegetables and even meat is being sold beyond the price fixed by the government.

One of the consumers told the news agency Kashmir News Trust that the rampant profiteering had already set the stage for enormous profits as prices had been increased manifold in the ongoing holy month of Ramadhan. As a result, people are finding it increasingly difficult to afford these essential food items.

“You won’t get anything for Rs 100 which has virtually lost purchasing power. At least you need to have a Rs 500 note if you are intending to buy a variety of fruits and vegetables,” Muhammad Rizwan, a consumer said.

A fruit vendor in Mehjoor Nagar is selling a dozen bananas at the price of Rs 150, when questioned about the reason for the sudden hike in prices, he said he himself gets all the stuff costly from the dealers.

A consumer alleged that even chicken are being sold at exorbitant rates. “If you inquire about the chicken rates, you will find a lot of variation from shopkeeper to shopkeeper,” he said.

The consumers appealed to the concerned department to go for intensive market checking and take those vendors and shopkeepers to task who loot people taking advantage of this holy month. [KNT]

Neyaz Elahi

Neyaz Elahi, who switched from Electronic to Print Media is a Kashmir based Accredited Journalist who has written extensively on Kashmir for local, national and international web portals. He is currently associated with Srinagar based News Agency Kashmir News Trust (KNT).

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