Gigantic Chinar trees being cut down in the name of development in Srinagar


People were shocked when they saw chinar trees being cut down in the heart of Srinagar city on Wednesday.

Under the smart city project historical chinar trees are being axed, much shock to the pedestrians.

Kashmir News Trust reporter shot videos and clicked photographs of how men and machinery were being used to chop down these gigantic trees.

These chinar trees were cut down in and outside Dahlia Park, close to the Linz Restaurant in Srinagar.

“We are doing our job. We were directed to cut down these chinar trees and rest we don’t know anything,” one of the employees told the news agency KNT.

A common man in Kashmir has to move from pillar to post to get permission to cut the branches of a chinar tree and here in Srinagar, authorities take the law into their own hands.

“Please tell district administration Srinagar under which law you are cutting down these Chinar trees,” asked a citizen.

Chinar trees are the identity of Kashmir, alas, even Floriculture Department failed to maintain these precious gigantic trees. Floriculture Department is supposed to prune its branches, but it doesn’t. “Draw salaries and enjoy….. who cares,”. [KNT]

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