‘India will become like Sri Lanka if inflation continues

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Slamming the BJP over rising prices in the country, TMC National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee has said that India’s condition will soon be like that in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

The TMC leader launched a sharp attack on BJP and slammed the Centre over rising fuel prices. Abhishek said that petrol is currently priced at Rs 106 a litre, while even kerosene has seen a massive price hike over the years. Banerjee reportedly warned that soon, people in the country will face a shortage of food and fuel and India’s situation will become like that of conflict-torn Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Abhishek’s comments come on the heels of controversial remarks made by Trinamool Congress MLA from West Bengal Idris Ali against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ali had said that PM Modi will meet the same fate as that of his Sri Lankan counterpart.”Whatever happened with the President of Sri Lanka, will happen with Prime Minister Narendra Modi here. Looking at the things in India, I say that Prime Minister Modi is a total failure. It will be even worse here. Prime Minister Modi will also resign and flee,” TMC MLA Idris Ali said.

Pertinently, few days back, protesters stormed into Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa`s official home and later broke into Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe`s private residence and set it on fire. Both President Rajapaksa and PM Wickremesinghe have announced to step down from their posts amid the ongoing protests. However, the protesters who have occupied the residences of the President and Prime Minister have cleared that they will continue to occupy their houses until they resign from their posts.

The worsening economic situation in the country has led to increasing tensions and over the last few weeks, there were reports of several confrontations between individuals and members of the police force and the armed forces at fuel stations where thousands of desperate members of the public have queued for hours and sometimes days. Police have used tear gas and water cannons at times in a disproportionate manner. On occasions, armed forces have also fired live ammunition.

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