“You are having a radical ideology right from your childhood: PSA dossier against incarcerated Kashmiri journalist Fahad Shah

Srinagar: Government has accused incarcerated Kashmiri Journalist Fahad Shah of having radical ideology right from his childhood.

Advocate Umair Ronga, the Counsel for Fahad Shah has made the Public Safety Act (PSA) dossier against incarcerated Kashmiri editor Fahad Shah public. Ronga has mentioned a number of grounds that the government has given for detaining Fahad under the contentious Public Safety Act.

Advocate Umari Ronga as per news agency Kashmir News Trust took to Twitter and highlighted the grounds of detention of Fahad Shah.

He wrote that some of the grounds taken up by DM (District Magistrate) Srinagar while detaining Journalist Fahad Shah under the provisions of J&K Public Safety Act read “You are having a radical ideology right from your childhood”

“You have been found guilty of misguiding of common masses by circulating the fake news against the government and its policies. Your journey citing series of instances leading to disturbance in public order.”

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“You are continuously propagating stories in a particular selective narrative which is in-line with the ISI/Separatist propaganda. You legitimize and romanticize stone-pelters and other instruments of violence

The PSA dossier further read that: “You are continuously propagating stories which are against the interest and security of the nation. Your news portal carries only one-sided and selective stories of a particular singular anti-state narrative, while any other news item or story related to good governance, positive intervention by the Government of India hardly finds any mention to the only news portal of (Kashmirwala).”

“You are an anti-national element under the cover of journalism. You have been found working against the ethics of journalism and misusing your profession by posting news and which has a multidimensional adverse impact on sovereignty and unity of country.”

“You have been recognized as a hard headed and scheming person whose actions have been ranging from tweets & posts glorifying terrorism by your selective pattern of disseminating anti-India sentiment.”

“Substantive laws have been invoked against you but after every release, you didn’t mend your ways despite being given many chances with the hope that you may not indulge in such activities further, but did not do so yet & have been found continuously indulged in illegal activities which are highly prejudicial to the maintenance of security of Jammu and Kashmir. “If you may not be detained at this point of time you will cause serious damage and pose a serious threat to the security of J&K by the law of your unlawful activities.”

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“Your mindset can be figured from the tweets on your social networking sites which shows the instigating bent of his mind. Your activities are prejudicial to the security and sovereignty of the country as you always tweet controversial statements & provoke the general masses which cause mischief to disrupt the peace and tranquility in Kashmir Valley.”

Fahad Shah was arrested on 5 February following his story regarding a gun battle in Naira village of South Kashmir’s Pulwama, in which four militants were killed. The family of one of the militants, Inayat Mir, had claimed that he was innocent. (KNT)

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