PSAJK extends external support to transporters’ strike , ‘Schools buses to ply, Govt crushing transport sector’


Srinagar: Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAKJ) has extended full support to the general strike (Chaka Jam) called by the J&K Transporters Welfare Association on 30th March. The Association said that it is unfortunate that the government has completely ignored this vital sector of our society.

“The transport sector plays an important role in our economy and our daily lives. All of our sectors are dependent on transporters including our educational institutes. Without transportation our schools will suffer immensely and even may come to a halt,” said G N Var president PSAJK.

The Association said that It is unfortunate that the government is ignoring this sector.  It said that transportation service constitutes an important part of schools and any injustice to the transport sector bears down directly on the working of schools and ultimately affects students and parents.

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“Over the years the government through its various policies and directives have made the normal working of transport sector difficult. Despite the years lost to the difficult situation and Covid, there is no relief coming to transporters. Instead, they are being overburdened with new taxes and other charges,” said Var.

The Association said that we completely support the demands of the transporters. “In other states like Maharashtra, the government has given tax and other relief to transporters. In contrast, the J&K government has increased taxes,” said Var.

The Association said that from October 2019 to February 2022, the insurance of vehicle has increased from Rs 44000 to Rs 56000, Token tax from Rs 4000 to Rs 8000, yearly fitness including GPS from Rs 2000 to Rs 13000, route permit from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 and fuel increased from Rs 70 to Rs 84. In addition to it, there is an increase in drivers’ and conductors’ wages, maintenance, and the cost of vehicles has increased.

“There is no justification of increase of yearly fitness by whooping 550%, route permits by 300%, and token tax by 100%. All this has happened when the income of transporters has stagnated or gone down. It will simply crush the transporters and render people jobless,” said Var.

While extending support to transporters the Association said that schools will ply the buses so that the education of students is not affected. But in case the government does roll back taxes and give relief to transporters, the association will also join the strike in the near future.


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