Nepotism: Kashmir University ‘sabotaging’ recruitment process, Aspirants urge Chancellor LG Manoj Sinha to intervene


Srinagar: The University of Kashmir is sabotaging the recruitment of Assistant Registrar posts by repeatedly postponing its Mains exams allegedly on the behest of some “favorite” candidates and also by the vested interests of the internal employees.

The Varsity advertised the seven posts of Assistant Registrars and held its preliminary examination in August 2021 and declared the result in September.

The Mains exams were scheduled on January 6, 2022, in which 150 candidates were eligible, but were not held as the Varsity postponed it.

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Sources said that due to the influence of a few candidates working in Delhi and Mumbai, the Mains exam was postponed by the KU administration citing that few candidates could not reach the Valley due to inclement weather.

The exams were scheduled on February 24 but were canceled due to snowfall on February 23 again at the whim of the candidates outside the Valley.

No other Institution canceled or postponed its exam scheduled on February 25. The KU also didn’t notify the date of the Mains exam after canceling the February 24 exam.

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“Few candidates are working in Delhi and Mumbai and at their behest and pressure, the university is canceling or postponing the exams. These candidates have relatives in the Kashmir University and want exams at their convenience and date,” several aggrieved aspirants told news agency Kashmir News Trust.

“This is injustice and a pure mockery of the examination system. The officials concerned who are at the helm are misleading the Vice-Chancellor,” they said.

“Why don’t the candidates working in Delhi and Mumbai return a few days before the scheduled date? It is their deliberate tactics to get exams delayed,” the candidates said.

The aspirants said that the LG Manoj Sinha who is also Chancellor of the University must intervene so that the Mains exams are held and the posts filled at the earliest.

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The candidates also claimed that Kashmir University Ministerial Staff Association is also playing spoilsport to sabotage the recruitment of Assistant Registrars as they want in-house candidates to be posted there without following recruitment rules.

KU spokesperson corroborated the sabotage by KUMSA by issuing a statement on February 23 exposing the Association.

“Some vested interests are trying to sabotage the direct/open recruitment process for non-teaching posts because of the transparency and stringent criteria put in place to avert any wrongdoing,” the KU spokesperson said in a statement on February 23 adding: “The KUMSA is trying to derail this objective with their illegitimate demands which cannot be conceded to in any case.”

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“The University would like to reiterate that KUMSA’s so-called demand for the in-house advertisement of various positions is fraught with serious implications given the fact that it would be a violation of the established law/norm governing the recruitment process,” the spokesperson said.

Official sources said the KU is now mulling to hold the Mains exams after JKAS exams which are being held on 17 March.

However, the aspirants said that why is KU belittling its institutional position before other agencies and also playing with the time and age of eligible aspirants. (KNT)

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