Kashmiri Entrepreneur Sheikh Asif keen to revolutionize digital sector

Srinagar: A budding Kashmiri Entrepreneur from Kashmir Valley has become the first choice when it comes to creating a website or any other digital platform.

Those interested in creating a portal or any other digital stud can be seen approaching Sheikh Asif who hails from Batamaloo area of ”Srinagar city.

He says most of his customers are journalists who are keen to create their own news portals.

Sheikh Asif who was forced to drop out of school and start working in Class VIII due to poor economic conditions now owns a leading Information Technology (IT) company in the UK and specializes in web designing. He also provides online coaching for entrepreneurship, digital marketing, website development etc.

“Web designing is my passion. I think more and more customers approach me just because I offer the services free of cost even after the completion of their digital platform. Whenever they face any problem, I remain available for them,” Sheikh Asif told news agency Kashmir News Trust.

Sheikh Asif holding his first book
Sheikh Asif holding his first book

He believes that bringing business online not only saves business or livelihood but will also accelerate the economy of the country, which he has mentioned in all his 3 books. He has recently launched a website named, where he is helping all hotels and restaurants to upload their menu on the website and get a simple digital menu in form of QR code for free. It has been precisely designed as per the covid protocols like social distancing, online orders and many others. which will not only help to generate revenue in COVID but also be a major step towards digitalization.

This initiative will help hotels and restaurants to digitize and take their business online. This digital menu will be in the form of a QR code, which not only helps the customers to place orders online but can also choose to pay for their orders if they so desire.

Sheikh Asif is working hard to revolutionize the digital industry in Kashmir Valley. He comes up with the latest ideas and innovations.

The Fireboxx Award
The Fireboxx Award

Sheikh Asif recently won the Best Entrepreneur of the Year award which was organised by The Fireboxx  Bangalore (KNT)

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