Envy Onboards Bollywood’s Youth Icon Varun Dhawan as its Brand Ambassador

Varun Dhawan’s bold personality and adventurous spirit mirror the brand’s ‘Let Them Envy’ approach

With this association, the brand intends to amplify its brand visibility and engagement initiatives and strengthen its market positioning

Envy, one of India’s leading premium fragrance brands, ropes in Bollywood celebrity Varun Dhawan as its brand ambassador. His bold and dynamic personality and adventurous spirit mirror the brand’s ‘Let Them Envy’ approach.

Varun Dhawan – Envy Brand Ambassador

Envy is known for its deodorants and perfumes with exclusive French fragrances. It intends to scale further and strengthen its position as a youth-favorite brand. Roping in Varun Dhawan as its brand ambassador is a part of its long-term expansion plan. Through this strategic move, Envy intends to bolster its brand promotion initiatives. As a part of this association, Varun Dhawan will feature in the brand’s upcoming multi-channel campaigns and marketing initiatives, including TVCs and social media campaigns.

Varun Dhawan is a youth icon, and his ‘no compromising’ attitude perfectly aligns with Envy’s DNA, making him the right fit as a brand ambassador. His style and boundless energy complement Envy’s commitment to youthfulness and mission of providing exceptional fragrance to its customers.

Mr. Saurabh Gupta, MD, Hamilton Sciences Pvt. Ltd., said, “At Envy, we believe fragrances can impact positively on one’s confidence leaving others envious. Varun Dhawan is a perfect fit for our brand as our products appeal to the youth, and who better than Varun to represent today’s youth and their attitude. His energy, ambition, and unwavering confidence perfectly align with our brand values. The script demanded someone with a good sense of humor and vitality, and Varun effortlessly brings dynamism and energy to the brand. We are confident that this association will be a game-changer, propelling Envy to new heights.”

Envy is committed to expanding its product portfolio, backed by extensive R&D efforts. We are looking to double our market share within this year. Its parent company, Hamilton Sciences Pvt. Ltd., is growing significantly and supporting Envy’s vision of providing Indian consumers with superior products.

Through this association with Varun Dhawan, the brand aims to amplify its brand visibility and engagement initiatives. Additionally, it intends to increase sales, expand its customer base, and solidify its market positioning.

About Envy

Envy is recognized for seamlessly integrating global fragrance trends into India’s vibrant olfactory. We blend international allure with local charm, crafting an olfactory symphony that reflects your unique essence. Step into our world and explore fragrances that accentuates your individuality, as Envy bridges the two different worlds of diverse Indian heritage and modernity. With Envy, every scent tells an unforgettable story of passion, sophistication and the art of self-expression. Experience our celebration of the jubilant spirit of youth, romance and unwavering authenticity.

For more info: envyfragrances.com | Follow us: @envyfrench

About HSPL
HSPL (Hamilton Sciences Pvt. Ltd.) is the visionary force behind Indias beloved brands, including Denver, Envy, Vanesa, and Pourhome. With an aromatic foundation, HSPL crafts personalized solutions in Personal and Homecare, becoming synonymous with elevated living.

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