Gujarat’s First Non-Invasive Wellness & Cryotherapy Centre opens in AHMEDABAD

This era isnt about surgeries or hospital stays; those were trends of the 2000s. After COVID-19, the buzz word is prevention, wanting to live a fuller more enriched life. The uncertainty of life has taught us to live each day to fullest. Understanding the need of health by our side to do so. Instead of putting things off for later, everyone is trying to exhaust their bucket lists, striving for a happiness, health, and active lifestyle. It is a community goal to stay fit and stay young.

Cryo – Stay Fit Stay Young

This has led to mushrooming of invasive clinics promising quick results charging a bomb. Liposuction, Botox, fillers, etc are some solutions that are being provided but they are superficial, they come with an ongoing costs and risks of a botch up. So global Biohackers like Dave Asprey and other are seeking sustainable solutions through self-care hacks, aiming to develop bodies and minds that can naturally maintain agility and beauty.

Amongst all this chaos a few non-invasive therapies are gaining popularity, like cryotherapy which is at the top of the list, it aids muscle recovery and may alleviate chronic pain while boosting youthfulness and immunity. Spectrometry is another very interesting principle that is used to scan the body for early disease detection by identifying deficiencies and toxins in the body without pricks, and microcirculation one more non-invasive therapy used for rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Recently opened “@CRYO” does just that. This Pain management and Sports recovery clinic is the first Non-invasive wellness clinic and cryotherapy centre in Gujarat brought to Ahmedabad by Dr. Reina Shukl. This futuristic clinic offers hope for improved health and quality of life. @CRYO (atcryo.com) is the first clinic in India to have cryo chambers: Whole body, Full body both as well as localised cryo machines, all three variants. @CRYO are open to give franchise Pan India.

Boosting athletic performance by cryotherapy is currently trending globally. If we may ask, what takes an average athlete to the level of Ronaldo or Kohli It is intense and disciplined training. The cryo chamber is one of the supportive therapies that help one train better because it shortens the recovery time of the muscles thus giving time for intense training.

Such non-invasive methods signify a shift towards holistic and individualized healthcare, prioritizing prevention over cure. This shift represents a fundamental change in healthcare philosophy, from reactive to proactive approaches. Pain management is evolving towards natural and personalized approaches that address the root causes of pain and enhance the bodys ability boosting mitochondrial capacity and immunity.

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