V4 Once More Electrifies the Crowd at Iconic G9s HOLI BASH in Surat with Unforgettable Performance

In the Diamond city of Surat, the spirit of Holi reached new heights as over 10,000 enthusiastic people gathered to celebrate the festival of colours. Organised by G9 Events and SeenUnseen Events, The ICONIC G9s HOLI BASH was the most looked forward to this Holi. The atmosphere was painted like a rainbow, and guests revelled in the gregarious company. Amongst all this, one highlight stood out-the electrifying performance by V4 Once More, a celebrated Music band known for creating magic in Weddings, Sangeets, Concerts, Special Events, and Occasions.

Band V4 once more

Its all about the Music

Iconic was a milestone event for this talented band in Surat, which attracted a record-breaking crowd eager to immerse themselves in colour and music. The citizens of Surat are known for their love of good things, from food to music and clothes to diamonds. Surtis love to have a great time and put their heart and soul into celebrating festivals.

It is for this discerning crowd that V4 Once More performed for and won them over.

This dynamic quartet is known for infusing every performance with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm. From the moment they took the stage, the four members of V4 Once More commanded attention, igniting the crowd with their electrifying presence and captivating musical talent.

When they Come on Stage

Imagine 1 passionate singer on stage, totally engrossed in the music with a silken voice that touches the heart of the audience. Now multiply this mesmerising scene by 4, and you will understand the impact of V4 Once More. 4 altruistic artists, 4 melodious voices, a specially curated playlist and what you have is a spellbound audience chanting Once More Once More.

Meet the Artists who set the stage on Fire.

Tejas Kothari: A Stalwart Singer

Arohi Kothari: The Queen of Melody

Ekta Purecha: One with the Soulful Voice

Kaushal Purecha: The Synchroniser of Synergies

As the Sun went down and The Spirits Soared High on the day of Holi, the audience left with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts. V4 Once More once again created an unmatched experience for the citizens of Surat, one that will set the bar for any other event they attend and something that they will look forward to attending again.

With the kind Patronage of Mr Hiren Kakadia and Mitul Lathiya, the owner of G9 Events, who believes in organising safe and sustainable events, V4 Once More celebrated the spirit of unity and camaraderie, creating unforgettable memories against the backdrop of vibrant hues and jubilant music. They proved that they rock not just weddings but can make a crowd of 10,000 Sensational Surtis swing and swoon.

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