Truecaller Unveils Innovative Next-Gen Ad Formats to Create Greater Impact for Advertisers

Truecaller’s latest ad innovations bestows brands with a broader canvas, helping them nudge users to explore their offerings

Native interactivity, eye-catching carousels and borderless ads help cut through clutter

Truecaller has announced a slew of new innovative and interactive ad format capabilities that seamlessly integrate into the user experience. The new ad formats use video and animations to maximize brand recall and impact on their audience. With the digital ecosystem evolving at an unprecedented pace, the company’s latest ad solutions: Click to experience (screen takeover), Dual impact custom animation, Carousel and Sponsored icons, are designed to meet the dynamic needs of marketers aiming to capture and retain consumer attention in a cluttered digital world.

Truecaller launches New Ad formats

The design and implementation of the ad formats offer a variety of engaging options, which are crafted to capture user attention effectively leading to campaign optimisation. From interactive ads that encourage user participation to immersive experiences that captivate the audiences attention, the new ad formats provide brands with the tools they need to cut through the noise and deliver their message in a way that resonates with nearly 260 million active users of Truecaller in India.

Further, Truecallers advanced targeting capabilities allow for accurate segmentation of audiences. By leveraging a mix of unique signals, the platform enables brands to reach out to audiences with specific tastes. This level of customization and targeting is complemented by the innovative nature of Truecaller’s ad formats, which are uniquely designed to stand out amidst the digital noise, providing a distinct advertising experience that can significantly enhance brand recall and impact.

Sharing his delightful experience with Truecaller’s new ad formats, Sivakumar Ramamoorthy, Head of Digital Marketing, Xiaomi India, said,We, at Xiaomi, are committed to pioneering fresh approaches in our media strategies. Truecallers latest offering “click to experience”, has helped the brand stand out amidst the noise, presenting a visually captivating solution proving to be a perfect fit for our creative strategy“.

Speaking on the launch of the new ad formats, Vanita Rathore, Senior Director, Global Ads Business at Truecaller stated, “We understand that in todays rapidly changing market demands and evolving user preferences, marketers are constantly challenged and seek innovative solutions to capture user attention. Thanks to extensive feedback from our clients, our latest ad formats have been meticulously crafted to support a variety of brand goals. By tapping into our extensive daily active user base and leveraging the unique solution of targeted advertising, we aim to help brands provide users an advertising experience that is not only clutter-free but also immersive and engaging.

About Truecaller

Truecaller (TRUE B) is the leading global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication. We enable safe and relevant conversations between people and make it efficient for businesses to connect with consumers. Fraud and unwanted communication are endemic to digital economies, especially in emerging markets. We are on a mission to build trust in communication. Truecaller is an essential part of everyday communication for more than 374 million active users, with more than a billion downloads since launch, headquartered in Stockholm since 2009. We are a co-founder led, entrepreneurial company with a highly experienced management team. Truecaller has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 8 October 2021.

For more information, please email press@truecaller.com.

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