How Newton School Guided Rakesh R – a Struggling Techie, Towards His Dream Job

Rakesh R, a former student of the Newton School who enrolled in their one-year online Data Science is a living example of how choosing the right learning platform along with perseverance and hard work can translate to surmount any obstacle in life and attain professional aspirations.

Rakesh R, Newton School Alumni

Raised by a single mother, Rakesh had to work part-time and take tuitions for school children to support his family. He graduated with a B.Tech in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2015 but could not get through campus placements. After multiple trial and errors, Rakesh got a job at a large IT services company in 2018 where he worked till 2022. Unfortunately his project was ported to another IT company in 2022 who initially confirmed on boarding Rakesh but later declined the offer letter on the grounds of background check. Rakesh once again started giving tuitions and this time he worked as a part-time Uber service partner as well to pay the piled up EMIs.

During this time, Rakesh engaged in regular discussions with his colleagues in the industry and came to the realisation that he desperately needed to acquire new skills in order to be competitive in the field. Newton School was his final decision after much deliberation; the flexible learning hours and simple EMI options allowed him to continue with his job as a part-time Uber service partner and other obligations. In February 2024, shortly after concluding his course at Newton School, Rakesh landed his dream job with a significantly better salary package than his last assignment.

Revisiting his journey Rakesh recalls how the mentors at Newton offered absolute clarity about the course and how every detail was covered in depth. “When I look back, I see that it was a life altering moment for me when I decided to opt for this course. In addition to equipping me with the necessary skills to navigate the dynamic technology sector, their adaptable and industry-oriented programme ensured that my aptitudes were acknowledged within the field through its updated curriculum and placement team. I will be forever grateful for the guidance and support that was bestowed upon me at Newton School which further instilled the confidence in me something that I lacked in my previous professional endeavours,” he added.

“Our guiding principle has always been to ensure that every student has the opportunity to receive training in cutting-edge technologies and is completely endowed with the necessary skill sets to enhance their employability and alleviate the current wave of company layoffs. Our course structure is developed with this overarching objective in consideration. Rakesh has always been a diligent student, and we are honoured to have been a small part of his extraordinary life journey,” said Nishant Chandra, Co-founder, Newton School.

Currently working as a data science professional, Rakesh now feels more confident about his future than ever before and looks forward to adding new skills to his resume every now and then.

Newton Schools industry-relevant Data Science and Artificial Intelligence certification course has enabled the employment of over 2,500 young people in over 1,000 prestigious organisations, including Google, Flipkart, Lenskart, Razorpay, and many others. In all, students from Newton School have earned over Rs 100 crore in salaries cumulatively, a testament to universitys forward-thinking, outcome-driven curriculum and learning programme.

Explore Newton School www.newtonschool.co/courses/professional-certificate-course-data-science.

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