From a Struggler to a Stalwart – Story of Dadu Salgar, the Man Who Redefined the Tea Experience

Maharashtra is gradually becoming the new land of entrepreneurs. And what really proves that It is the several success stories that its youngsters are weaving. Dadu Salgar is one of them. From a struggling son of a farmer in a drought-prone area to the owner of a thriving business empire, Dadu Salgar, a name known to no one some years ago, has become an entrepreneurial brand known to everyone today! His brand Salgar Amruttulya is a name synonymous with excellence, perseverance, dedication, and vision. Here’s how we attempted to unearth the story and multi-faceted entrepreneurial spirit of this tea tycoon from Maharashtra.

Some people simply don’t need jobs to survive. They are entrepreneurs at heart who think differently about their destiny and embark on a path less walked. Often, they begin alone, start small and gradually grow to become employment generators, instead of seekers. Dadu Salgar is one such name that emerged on the entrepreneurial horizon of Maharashtra a few years ago. He is the founder of Salgar Amruttulya, a brand that doesn’t merely sell tea but redefines the tea experience with its exquisite taste.

Dadu Salgar, the Man Who Redefined the Tea Experience!

Dadu’s journey commenced a few years ago. From being a nobody to becoming a top-notch businessperson with an extensive entrepreneurial expanse, Dadu is an example for everyone who dreams big and also those who wait for jobs to fall on their laps.

The tea business he is known for today isn’t his first venture. Dadu started with grape farming that yielded nothing but learning. With that experience, he reached Kolhapur to paint the picture of his destiny on a slightly broader canvas.

He started by working as a security guard and selling sweetcorn and sugarcane juice. The business worked and earned him some money. Next, he invested in the share market. However, that attempt to make wealth became futile. And if that wasn’t enough, the loss of the space to sell sugarcane juice proved another blow!

Additionally, he worked as an ATM guard in Pune, tried his hand at goat rearing, sold boiled sweet corn, nursery plants, wooden toys, etc., until finally, the breakthrough idea of selling tea (as an off-season business) occurred to him.

Dadu invested the time to learn and develop new skills. Accordingly, he developed a new flavor that he asked his friends, relatives, vendors, roadside people, etc., to try and feed him back with their suggestions. It took him around five months to develop the delightful taste that his brand delivers today.

And then, there was no looking back! Dadu embarked on an entrepreneurial journey for which he is known today. He started with three tea centers under the brand Salgar Amruttulya Tea. The tea struck the chords with everyone. The success of these three centers spread the word about the brand. While people started thronging the counters to relish the tantalizing tea, Salgar also received numerous franchise applications. Thus, a new horizon of opportunities was waving at Salgar!

When we asked Dadu about his success, the stalwart in every sense humbly replied, “When a commoner like me, who had nothing but his vision and dreams, could achieve success, everyone can! Even after being acclaimed as a successful brand and exemplary entrepreneur, I still feel I have a long way to go in making Salgar an international brand with franchises and outlets worldwide. I am working towards it. I know I have God with me, looking at everything I do. He is strict enough to make me fail and learn and generous enough to give me the strength to turn those failures into success!

Further, he added, “I’ve had my journey from a modest bicycle to the lavish Ford Endeavor. But that’s what people see. My business isn’t just about me but also my family that continues to support me behind the scenes. Achieving success as a first-gen entrepreneur requires a robust support from the family who makes sacrifices at every stage while you are out to conquer the world.” “I also thank my employees, who are an extended family for me. While I drive the strategy, they steer the customer satisfaction part of our brand. Furthermore, I am proud about the fact that 96 percent of Salgar Amruttulya’s employees are women. So, ours is a brand that truly empowers women.”

Catch the man in action on his LinkedIn Profile, where he shares tips and helps budding entrepreneurs with his extensive knowledge of Business. He, unlike other self made entrepreneurs, is very vocal about his struggles and hardships, he regularly posts on his LinkedIn Profile – Dadu Salgar

About Salgar Amruttulya Tea

Salgar Amruttulya Tea is a prominent tea brand with 400+ outlets in five states. The tea is known for its premium tea powder and the use of chemical-free spices, sugar and unadulterated milk. The brand ensures hygiene, quality, and prompt customer service, due to which it has set benchmarks in this rapidly emerging segment. Visit Salgar Tea to learn more about the brand.

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