Florus and Florio Kitchen Faucets by Hafele

Contemporary kitchens exude their own distinct personality, mirroring the unique lifestyle and traditions of the people living there. A kitchen is said to be known as an epicenter that brings people together, where interactions and indulgence take place in various zones while performing different activities. Among the various zones in the kitchen, one of the most bustling ones is the sink center serving a range of functions, of which the most important one is also the basic function of the sink-rinsing fruits & vegetables, and cookware & utensils. This highlights the importance of possessing a faucet on the kitchen sink that aids in the effortless rinsing, also maintaining the tidiness of the countertop by not splashing excessive water onto other surfaces.

Hafeles Florus and Florio Kitchen Faucets

Hafele’s Florus and Floreo kitchen mixer faucets are made up of durable Brass material, and offer a tactile luxury where every operation is a testament to their build quality. Fitted with advanced aerators, these faucets create a gentle, splash-free water stream, all while maintaining a good water flow rate, that doesn’t compromise your rinsing experience. Available in the trendy shades of Ivory, Mocha, Truffle, Obsidian, Brushed Nickel and Chrome, these faucets blend seamlessly with a variety of kitchen sinks, including Hafele’s Lithos Quartz Sinks range and Argento Sinks range. Sporting two designs – circular (Florus) and rectangle (Floreo), your options for creating the perfect kitchen sink center are unlimited.

Hafeles Florus and Florio Kitchen Faucets

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