Finally the driver who makes an ‘impossible’ U-turn to save a woman has been identified

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The driver whose video had gone viral a couple of days ago making almost an ‘impossible’ U-turn, while saving the life of a negligent female pedestrian in Kashmir capital Srinagar has been finally identified.

The young man is from the Bemina area of Srinagar city and has done B.Tech Civil. While talking to news agency Kashmir News Trust, Faizan Zeeshan-the dare-devil said that it was his sheer luck and kindness from the Almighty that he was able to show his presence of mind.

Pertinently, a video from Srinagar-Baramulla Highway near Lawaypora is viral in which one can see the skillful driver saving the life of a woman who crosses the busy road blindly making an ‘impossible’ U-turn.

The video has been watched by millions of netizens and the presence of mind of the driver has been widely appreciated.

“It was by the grace of God that I manage to save the life of the woman, my friend and myself. It all happened in a fraction of few seconds but I request all my brothers not to make it a trend and avoid over-speeding,” Faizan said.

He said he was driving on a four-lane and had never expected any pedestrian to cross the road so blindly. “I used by hand-brake and rest you all know,” he said and appealed to the government to create ‘Zebra-Crossings’ on roads for the pedestrians.

He said the execution was perfect and everything went as per the situation.

Faizan Zeeshan who is the product of Iqbal Memorial Institute Bemina and later on studied at SSM Engineering College is presently in the construction business. He thanked all for their appreciation and prayers and reiterated that drivers should never make this a trend and avoid over-speeding on busy roads. (KNT)


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