AR Music Studios’ “MALANGA” is all set to go global “MALANGA- ‘Sab Se Unchi Yaar Faqeeri” is out on all digital platforms

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A soulful composition sending the message of love, peace, and harmony to all the dwellers across the globe, Malanga is our endeavor to express those differences are beautiful and we should celebrate and enrich them but never let ourselves be divided by them. Let differences of any form or manner (caste, creed, religion, culture, or thoughts) bring us together for life without differences would be monotony.

Malanga is not just a lyric and a melody but a revolution aiming to unite the people and elevate the weak. It aims to refine their heart, mind and soul.

Rani Hazarika, a name that needs no introduction has through her mesmerizing voice put this song to life and provided an absolute treasure to all music enthusiasts.

Jaan Nisaar Lone, the composer of this song is credited to revive Kashmiri music and take it out from the confines of the valley and let it be relished by the people of the world has conceived “Malanga” meticulously.

AR Music Studios is well-known for bringing to fore-front novices and beginners and allowing them to exhibit their talent.

Debutant Shah Idreees from Shah Muqam, Kupwara looks incredible in the song and is somebody to watch for in the future.

Kaushik Vikas has penned down a remarkable note illustrating the significance of unity in times where alienation and isolation are the new normal.

“With much love, take a listen to this beautiful rendition. We at ARMS invite all the music lovers to dive with us into the world of spiritual bliss,” Jaan Nissar Lone said. (KNT)

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