Short movie Alamdar-e-Kashmir’ winning hearts at J&K International Film Festival in Pune

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Short film ‘Alamdar-e-Kashmir’ screened at J&K International Film Festival at Pune Maharashtra has won the hearts of viewers.

The film focuses on Kashmiri Saint ‘Nund Reshi’ and Sufism.

By the Directors, Anil Kumar Singh & Aneesa Ashraf Khan has come what can be described as brilliance in the form of a short film.

Alamdar -e- Kashmir is an 11-minute short film that is a reflection of the life and journey of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani. He propagated the love and faith in the form of couplets called ‘Shruks’.

He strived for Hindu–Muslim unity. One of his famous couplets is ‘Ann poshi teli yeli wan poshi, which translates as “Food will thrive only till the woods survive”.

The film features his background, the birth of Rishi Order in Kashmir, and its contemporary standing in Kashmir from the perspective of an explorer. The movie follows the plot where a character (woman) goes to Kashmir to explore its beauty, just to find out that there’s more to it, i.e., Sufism. A filmmaker who wishes to make a Reflexive Documentary on Sufism goes to meet the artists and other people to interview them and gather more information about Sufism and where it stands in Kashmir today. Through this, we uncover the untold stories about Nund Rishi and Sufism.

“Through its wonderful storyline, it allows the audience to uncover the untold stories about Nund Rishi as well as Sufism at large. The goal of the film is to promote fraternity and secularism, which seem to be forgotten concepts in today’s world,” say the directors of the movie. (KNT)

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