Should Kashmir be given to Pakistan? Question appears in Civil Service Exam

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The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has come in for criticism from some social media users over a question asked in the state civil services exams.

The question paper has gone viral after a question was asked if Kashmir involved in an international dispute be handed over to Pakistan.

The question paper that surfaced on the internet showed multiple-choice questions that state, ‘should Kashmir be handed over to Pakistan.

The multiple-choice question asked whether it should be done as it will save India a lot of money or it should not because it will encourage secession.

The two options on the MP Civil Services question paper were…… Yes, as it will help the economic situation of India

No, as it will increase the demand of the Pakistan administration

News articles showed that the answer key of the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Exam 2022 showed the second option as right.

Opposition Congress leader Ajay Yadav hit out at the government saying even thinking about handing over Kashmir to Pakistan is objectionable. He demanded action against the person who set the paper. “Kashmir is India’s pride. It is highly objectionable to even think that it [handing over Kashmir to Pakistan] can save money. Even, the correct answer is objectionable… it should not be about stopping similar demands [for secession] …give a better life to people of India.”



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