Keep bottles and arrows at home in case ‘Jihadi’ attacks you: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj to Hindus

UP: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj took to social media on Sunday to ask citizens to equip their homes with ‘cold drink bottles and arrows’ in case a crowd of people come to attack their homes or neighbourhoods.

He said the police would not come to save them in such a situation and, hence, they should be ready themselves.


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Unnao MP Sakshi Maharaj, who has often been in the news for controversial statements, wrote on Facebook, “If this crowd comes suddenly to your street, neighbourhood or house, there is a remedy for it… For such guests, every house should have one or two boxes of cold drinks and some arrows. Jai Shri Ram.”

What Sakshi posted was an old photograph from Bangladesh.

Along with his message, he posted a photograph of a crowd of people charging down a street armed with lathis.

He added, “The police will not come to save you, but will instead hide to save themselves. After these people do ‘jihad’ and leave, the police will come with lathis and form an investigation committee after everything is over.”

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