Turning the Tide: Uniproducts’ Systematic Approach to Overcoming Adversity

In an inspiring display of resilience and strategic repositioning, Uniproducts has announced a significant turnaround from cash losses to a cash-positive flow within just four quarters. This marks a substantial recovery since its post-COVID downturn.

The team’s systemic turnaround began in January 2023, driven by a strengthened management team pioneered by Dr. Ashwan Kapur, MD, with newly appointed CEO Sunil Pahilajani, CHRO L.B. Mishra, Operations Head Dr. Naresh Hans, and veterans like Engineering & Quality Head Naresh Yadav. The collective effort from all four plants and offices led to the successful execution of over 2,000 efficiency improvement projects, helping the company navigate several challenges including manpower motivation and supply chain disruptions to achieve this remarkable feat.

Uniproducts further strengthened its market position and secured future growth by acquiring new businesses. To do this, they successfully rationalized commercials with customers, worked with unions, and also worked on cutting costs – all initiatives well crafted to make it win-win situation with each stakeholder. This means Uniproducts can offer great value to customers and benefit everyone involved in the process. Thanks to long-standing relationships with the government and local communities who gave whole hearted support, these steps have made the business more sustainable.

Speaking about the journey, CEO, Sunil Pahilajani said, “In the face of such challenges, Uniproducts has not only shown resilience but also demonstrated a forward-thinking approach that distinguishes us in the industry. Our journey from overcoming financial setbacks to achieving a cash-positive status is a testament to our teams dedication and our commitment to excellence. As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to delivering the best solutions to our customers and creating a thriving environment for our employees. This is not just a story of recovery; its a blueprint for sustainable success.”

In the future, Uniproducts plans to focus on technology, being environmentally friendly, growing the company, helping employees advance in their careers, and giving customers the best products and services.

This turnaround is not just a success story for Uniproducts but a testament to the power of collective effort, strategic planning, and unwavering shareholder support through challenging times. Uniproducts is now set on a path of growth, innovation, and excellence, ready to embrace the future with confidence.

About Uniproducts

Uniproducts (India) Ltd., established in 1986, stands out as a leading manufacturer of superior carpets and NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) parts for automobiles, aiming for world-class quality and global recognition in NVH solutions. As the top producer in India and a preferred supplier for many OEM customers, the company commits to continuous innovation and product line expansion. With four manufacturing plants located in Chennai, Bengaluru, Rewari, and Jalisana, Uniproducts boasts advanced technology with Needle Punching and Finishing lines from Germany and Switzerland, heavy-duty Italian Presses, a complete Carpet Moulding line from Germany, and PU Foaming and molding machines of German make. Embracing sustainability as both a compliance measure and a strategy for improving cost competitiveness, Uniproducts is dedicated to innovating, producing high-quality products, and delivering exceptional services to maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

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