From LPU Campus To Industry Game-Changers Redefine Robotics

A group of bright and passionate students of the Lovely Professional University (LPU) embarked on a journey of innovation with their vision of changing the world of robotics. Their mission is ambitious: to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and technology to create innovative solutions for the industrial environment.

AI-powered dog “Spot+”

Their journey began with two groundbreaking projects: an AI-powered cat robot and an industrial robotic arm. These projects represented a blend of advanced technology, technical expertise and a deep understanding of business needs.

An AI-powered dog robot inspired by the revolutionary Spot Dog by Boston Dynamics was the first wonder set to be created. With expertise in advanced mechanics and electronics, they carefully designed a versatile and agile robotic platform for many applications From safety inspection to technical inspection and maintenance, healthcare support, educational tools and entertainment as if the power of Spot+ is limitless.

The Spot+ boasts exceptional size and power, with an 840mm lens. His sensitivity allowed him to clearly see his surroundings, even in difficult environments. Safety was paramount, with a combination of emergency response activities and avoidance systems in place to ensure secure communications.

As the students delved into industrial robotic arms in their second project, their intelligence shone brighter than ever. With the addition of three 150-kg servos for the base and advanced control systems, the robotic arm became a heavy-duty maneuvering force. Its 0.2 mm to 1.0 mm accuracy made it suitable for sensitive application work.

User-friendliness was at the forefront of their design, with an intuitive control interface that simplified operation and setup for operators of all skill levels.

The combined efforts of these talented students culminated in a remarkable story of innovation and dedication. Their AI-powered Dog Robot and Industrial Robotic Arm project promised to change the industrial landscape, delivering versatile, high-performance solutions that would shape the future of automation.

Their journey symbolized the power of passion, collaboration and innovation, inspiring generations to come and setting a precedent for the future of robotics. From the halls of Lovely Professional University emerged a group of adventurers, ready to take their unique creations and leave their mark on the world.

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